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American Politician & Former Republican Caucus Whip of the Tennessee House of Representatives

Debra Maggart is a politician and former Republican Caucus Whip of the Tennessee House of Representatives. She served as the representative for the 45th district from 2004 until 2012.

Debra Maggart's experience as a legislator willing to take a stand for property rights -- and stand up to the NRA -- made her a hot commodity on the international media circuit. Debra's commentary on Second Amendment issues has made her a popular on-camera guest on high profile shows such as Christiana Amanpour Live, ABC Nightline, Anderson Cooper 360 and Huffington Post Live. Her story has also been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Tennessean and other publications.

After her election to the Tennessee Legislature in 2004, Debra Maggart quickly rose to prominence as one of the most influential leaders in Tennessee. Maggart represented District 45 in 104th through 107th Tennessee General Assemblies (2004 2012); served as Republican Caucus Chair; member of House Education Committee, House Government Operations Committee, House Judiciary Committee, House Calendar and Rules Committee, and House General Subcommittee of Education.

She championed bills that resulted in the following legislation: Collaborative Conferencing Act (Gave teachers in the State of Tennessee a voice at the negotiating table); Voter ID Requirement; Sex Offender Crackdown (Her legislation brought Tennessee into compliance with the Adam Walsh Act); Protections for Child Abuse Victims (Allows video-taped evidence of a child testifying against his or her alleged offender to be admissible in a courtroom); Tort Reform (Enabling businesses to operate on a level playing field throughout the State); Tax Reform (Eliminated the gift tax and death tax in Tennessee to attract jobs and investment); SJR127 (Restores the Tennessee State Legislature's power to regulate abortion in Tennessee); and Gun Rights (pro-Second Amendment voting record).

Debra also runs a unique organization that serves as a partnership-builder for public schools and private businesses. As the director of COMPASS, Debra seeks out the best and brightest minds in her community to partner with schools. These gifted individuals are tapped to mentor and guide their partner schools to new levels of success. In addition to pairing local businesses, organizations and individuals with Sumner County schools, Debra fundraises for school improvement grants and student scholarship opportunities.

Debra makes time for her friends and family. As a mother of one, Debra's pride and joy are her daughter, granddaughter and grandson. She is a member of St. Joseph of Arimathea Episcopal Church, the Hendersonville Rotary Club, several area Chambers of Commerce, the Western Kentucky University Alumni Association Board of Directors and Phi Mu Fraternity for Women.

Speech Topics

NRA Hegemony

What does the NRA's "shoot-to-kill" approach to legislators who break rank really mean for the American political system? Debra Maggart, a former lifetime member of the NRA and co-sponsor of ten gun rights bills, has a fascinating story to tell about what happens when a long-time political ally turns its back on a candidate. She offers a no holds barred look at how the NRA really works and the ominous implications for elected officials -- and their constituents -- nationwide.

Gun Rights

Should the rights of gun owners trump the rights of property owners? Debra Maggart cuts through the hype to examine the true implications of unfettered gun rights legislation and other Second Amendment issues.

Collective Bargaining

Is limiting the collective bargaining rights of teachers and other public employees un-American? Debra Maggart offers straight talk on the collective bargaining process and its true impact on the educational system. As the sponsor of Tennessee House Bill 130, Debra advocated replacing the confrontational collective bargaining process with a collaborative system that promised a win-win for children's education.

Photo ID to Vote

Are voter ID laws really necessary? Debra explains why voter ID laws, which 30 states have now enacted in some form, are desperately needed to combat voter fraud.

Pro-Life Issues

Should voters have the final say about how abortion is regulated in a state? Debra Maggart explains why more and more states are proposing legislation such as SJR127, a bill that amends the Tennessee state constitution to allow voters to decide this critical issue at the polls. As the sponsor of this bill in the Tennessee House of Representatives in 2011, Debra Maggart led the charge on this states' rights issue, which seeks to restore to the legislature a critical decision-making power.

Republican Party Dynamics

Where did the Right go wrong? Debra Maggart explains what Republican candidates' performance in recent elections really means for the future of the party. She sheds light on the "circular firing squad" and other factors responsible for the party's failure to return a Republican to the White House and other key offices, including hijacking of the party message by hard core leadership, and reliance on factions instead of coalitions.

Conservative Issues

What does it mean to be a Conservative today? This former Tennessee state legislator is equipped to discuss a wide variety of Conservative issues including the importance of eliminating burdensome regulation, unrestrained tax-and-spend government, and the elimination of the death tax and inheritance tax.

Education Reform

Is abandoning No Child Left Behind the right move for students? As the Executive Director of COMPASS, a Sumner County, TN based business and community school partnership, Debra Maggart is equipped to offer a unique perspective on a variety of education-related topics including school choice, voucher programs, magnet schools and education reform.

Tennessee Politics

How did Tennessee Republicans take the House? As a former House Caucus Chairperson, Debra Maggart offers an insiders view of the successes and challenges behind the Republican Party's unprecedented successes in Tennessee State Government, including their accomplishment of a Republican majority in the state legislature in 2010.

Sex Offender Legislation

Do sex offenders get off too easily? Debra Maggart's insightful commentary will enhance your coverage of sex-offender-related news, legislation and sting operations. As the lead sponsor on a number of bills dealing with sex offenders and sex trafficking in the Tennessee statehouse, Debra Maggart will help your audience look at all sides of this important complex and controversial issue.


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