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Dennis Houchin    

Author of The Achievement Protocol, an easy to use guide that shows how to achieve goals, not just set them. Motivator, Mentor, Chief Achievement Officer, Technogeek

Dennis Houchin spent nearly four decades as an entrepreneur, software developer, engineer and top technology executive on the cutting edge in the Information Technology field. He has developed expertise in the areas in Software, Network, and Security engineering.

In 2009 he began to focus more on 'hacking' human systems, specifically on understanding and applying the personality theories established by C.G. Jung to the various technical, marketing and operations people that had difficulty understanding each other.

Dennis has addressed a variety of audiences on the subject of improving IT productivity by improving the relationships between business managers and technical service professionals.

Dennis currently speaks on achievement and high performance, sharingsome of the moving, and humorous, his own lessons of his life that everyone can relate to in a way that builds and encourages his audience.

In 2015, he released his first publicly available book, The Achievement Protocol, which synthesizes the disciplines of Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Task Management into an easy to use system that anyone can use to help them achieve their life's goals. Upcoming topics include Technogeekaphobia, Information Systems Management, and Strategic Planning for businesses.


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Speech Topics

Overcoming Adversity

A lifetime of achievement accompanied by a lifetime of adversity. From early years of struggling with the physical, emotional and social trauma of having epilepsy, to becoming an abuser of drugs, to dropping out of high school then to transform and become a computer expert, entrepreneur and successful father and husband, when we learn to see adversity in it's proper light, we can use it to create success and achievement.

Passion and Achievement

The relationship between Passion and Achievement is often misunderstood.   It is true that having Passion can lead to great Achievement, but it is also true that having passion can lead to certain failure.

The difference is often in how passion is understood.

The accompanying image on the website - http://DennisHouchin.Rocks/Passion - shows a world renowned entertainer, innovator, educator, and entrepreneur, and Dennis’ son, Wayne Houchin, leaping from a height of 160 ft. into a waiting crowd standing on a surface of asphalt at the iconic Battersea Power Station in London.  This is a scene from his internationally televised series on The Discovery Channel. [Apologies to those of you that suffer with vertigo.]  This jump was performed using a bungee cord that had been intentionally cut, then repaired earlier in the show.  This death defying stunt was just one of many achievements that Wayne has made in pursuit of his passion.

In this session on Passion and Achievement Dennis shares the key principles of authentic passion that are missing from most modern explanations.  He shows attendees how to do two things: 1) Determine whether their current passion is on a track for success or failure, and 2) Discover an authentic passion that will virtually guarantee a fulfilling, satisfying life of high achievement.  


Be the event HERO and bring this doubly inspiring message of hope and encouragement to your event. Dennis connects with the audience in a deeply personal way and shows them the relationship between perseverance, persistence and passion.

From his earliest experiences of dealing with the physical, mental, and social struggles of having epilepsy to the struggles of becoming a technology pioneer and entrepreneur building two successful technology companies, to becoming an author and speaker, Dennis shows how the lessons that he has learned can be applied universally to help your attendees enjoy more fulfilling, more satisfying lives.

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