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Dennis Kelly    

Author, Peak Performance Master Trainer, Personal Growth Expert

Dennis Kelly was never a great athlete! He never made a basket, never made a touchdown! High School Coach made fun of him, told other players he had no choice but to play him. At home his stepfather would tell him he wasn’t worth two cents! His girlfriend broke up with him because he couldn’t dance!

As a young man, Kelly decided he would show them all and went on to not only become a more than successful Athlete on the Masters Running Team, but took 6 world Titles, 13 National in the Martial Arts, the oldest man ever to accomplish these Wins, AND became a World Class Ballroom Dance Champion!!! AND, at the age of 78, while overcoming Parkinson’s won his 6th World Title!!!

The rest is history, as Kelly incorporates his learned lessons and took charge, deciding to use his life as s metaphor as if he would look at is life like a movie and he was the director creating the “Power to Change” and help others do the same.

Over time, Kelly’s life developed into his own proprietary system known as TriNeuroGenics© using the “Mind as the Map The Body as the Vehicle & the Spirit as the Fuel”, all outlined in his first book The Six Steps to the Fountain of Youth©, that sold out on the Home Shopping Network, along with his Tai Chi Videos, and HeartMath One Minute Stress Management Program, while CoHosting with his fiance’ at the time, TV Show Host, Barbara Marville

As an accomplished, Author, Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer, for Corporate, Personal, Private & Group settings Kelly holds Certifications, as Sport Fitness Trainer, Sport Nutritionist, HeartMath Institute Trainer AND is a Professional Certifying Body for Professional Tai Chi Qigong Instructors (Yang Style) with a blend of East/West philosophies, Instructors & Master Trainers All under the umbrella of his company Defy Aging, Inc., and Prime Time TV Show, on as an additional platform for sharing his mission/ministry of living an optimal, happy and healthy life with no limits!!!!

Social MediaIn addition to Facebook, Instagram, Kelly can be found on the latest Social Media as Dennis Kelly/Tango Man, and his personal website at for extensive information, and TV Video content.

Kelly attributes his Championship significance of success to his own tried and true daily program of TriNeuroGenics, Tai Chi/Qigong, a “Never Give Up Attitude”, keeping things Simple, Basic, Balanced and having strong Spirituality, grounded in Faith, Love & Forgiveness!

With many years of mentoring with the Great Masters in their field of expertise, researching the Researchers in Health Wellness, Anti-aging, studies from hundreds of books , Kelly has found his way, with all that he has learned and validated, backed by Science and Medical Documentation. Kelly imparts this “PROVEN” wisdom to family, friends, corporations, and TV interviews! For the past 2 years, the News Channel daily promos on Channel 10, after his 6th World title, and more. Kelly and his wife now, Barbara Marville-Kelly have been dubbed as the community “real people on Ageless Living” when appearing on a news clip with the glowing & ageless Christy Brinkley, with her two daughters

As Professional Keynote Speaker and Trainer, Kelly is a Member of All American Speakers & Entertainment, participated as Guest Host on The Home Shopping Network, Fitness model for Tony Little, The Discovery Channel on Home Matters (2 Year Run,) Speaker for Deepak Chopra, Seduction of Spirit, a week long retreat, teaching his “Super Power Principles of Livng a Heart Empowered life, Qigong and taught a Salsa class on grand finale nite.

Everything Dennis Kelly has learned and applied to his own life experience, the ups and downs, the WIN”S, the losses AND Parkinson’s, is all incorporated in his concept of living a “L.I.F.E. Empowered! and a L.I.F.E. Mastered!©” a collaborated program developed by Kelly and Barbara, The “Master Series to L.I.F.E.” through living it!!!! Basically getting back to many basics of life balance, and learning how to empower oneself, but to really “Master” the techniques & principles of each individual’s own self-mastery, in a sense teaching others to design their own self mastery program, observe themselves, with “The M.A.P” to follow, and a simple gauging tool!

The Personal Growth Development Categories of which Dennis Kelly mentors and speaks on are the following: Attitude, Ageless Living, Change, Communication, Creativity, Empowerment, Ethics and Integrity, Inspiration, Life Balance, Motivation, Parenting, Peak Performance, Relationships personal & business, Self Esteem, Self Image, Stress Management, Success, Wellness, Ageless Living

References to name a few, with additional references upon requests: Humana, The Home Shopping Network, Eckerd College, Teco Electric, Southern Management, Somalife International, Enzacta International, County Schools.

Books in Print The Six Steps to the Fountain of Youth (Training Program), Master Warrior Golf (Training Program, geared towards Golfers.)

Books/Movie in progress: Master the Champion Within© (Training Program), The Master Warrior Athlete©, (Training Program, all athletes) ©The Master Series to L.I.F.E., “L.I.F.E Empowered! L.I.F.E. Mastered!”© (Training for individuals) Book/Movie, The Legend of Tango Man©, a true autobiography of Dennis Kelly

In one man’s Victory overcoming many life’s challenges, Kelly is determined to share the POWER of Human Synergy and Spirit and teaches others to do the same. “Inside every human being dwells the heart of a “Master Champion”, whether you are an Athlete going for the gold, an Executive, Parent, Student and more. Learn how to Empower Yourself to Master my “Super Power Principles” and YOU WILL become a CHAMPION!!”

Speech Topics

Dance L.I.F.E.!

The quest of Dennis Kelly was to find the answers to living the life he was meant to live and give back, “all started with a dance!” The rest has become the history and autobiography of “the Legend of Tango Man©,” Dennis Kelly. Using his own “Self Mastery “ the ballroom dance business and competitions, led Kelly to becoming Dance Champion, 6 Time World Martial Arts Champion, successful Owner of 7 Dance Franchises, now owner of Defy Aging, Kelly shares his success secrets using many metaphors, including “Dance!”

The Makings of a “10"

Are men from Mars and Women from Venus?” Once we understand the difference of how men and Women are wired differently, our lives can begin to transform instantly. Using the “10” gauge, Kelly uses his successful Coaching program, “Singles & Singles Again” empowering not only singles, but those in relationships, marriages and those looking for the perfect “10”

Ageless Living

Age is just a number & a State of Mind!” Change your thoughts, change your life! Learn levels of consciousness, mindfulness, shifting your frequency levels to living an optimal life of freedom. & health. Learn how to set your body up as the “healing miracle!” Power up your cells naturally! Rebuild & Repair!

Emotional Prison Breakout

Kelly teaches how to live the “Martial Way” How to become a “Winning Warrior rather than a Worrier” in the game of L.I.F.E! Ever feel like you are in an emotional coma? Running from Psychic Vampires who try to steal your Joy? You CAN learn how to break out of your own “emotional prison” and keep it in check!

Wisdom of the Ages

Kelly shines the light on century old secrets of wisdom passed down from various cultures, concepts & principles that can be applied in todays’ world of volatility. From health, to fitness to supplements, nutrition all under his “Life Force Essentials” to “Ageless Living”! How all this can affect ones’ quality of life!

Heart Empowered Mastery

Kelly empowers anyone through proven techniques as a “World Class Athlete” Certified HeartMath Peak Performance Trainer, Sport Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, & Grand Master of Tai Chi/Chi Kung, backed by science & medical documentation. Learning the “Divine Intelligence” of the Heart, the “Divine Source” and the “Divine Shift “exercise techniques that are transformational

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Champion the Champion Within

Kelly shares his secrets to The Mastery of L.I.F.E.©” using the M.A.P. (Master Action Plan) that led him to his 6th World Championship in the Martial Arts at age 78, featuring his proprietary program, Tri-Neuro-Genics©, using the Mind as the Map, the Body as the vehicle & the Spirit as the fuel. From his book “The Six Steps to the Fountain of Youth©” Excerpts from his “Master Warrior Golf©” & in progress “Champion the Champion Within©” & “The Master Warrior Athlete"

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