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Dennis Mannering  

Business Motivator on the Topics of Leadership, Sales and Customer Service

Dennis Mannering has spent over 20 years researching and teaching about leadership and sales-related topics in both keynote and seminar formats. Over the past 20 years, Mannering has provided over 3,000 presentations, positively influencing the lives of thousands of people through his simple, direct method of getting the the heart of quality living and working. He not only has a dynamic presentation style, but also the practical experience to speak with credibility. As a successful entrepreneur and business consultant, he shares the secrets of his success with business and association audiences through his books, audio and video learning systems and speaking engagements.

Most Requested Topics:

Astounding Your Customers With Service: Great for sales management and salespeople! Highly motivational message on how to provide ultimate care and concern for the customers. In a changing world, where technology has made a "better mousetrap" virtually impossible, the best way to distinguish your business or sales ability is the degree of service you are willing to provide. Word of mouth is your best advertisement. Make sure it's positive.

Building The Ultimate Customer Service Team: Bring your entire company team to a new awareness of the part they play in satisfying your customers. Action -provoking ideas for the entire team; management and employees. Works best as a three-hour seminar. The single most important factor that determines whether your organization will remain viable is the degree to which you satisfy your customers. Satisfying customers demands the effort of every member of your business team, from the president or CEO to the maintenance staff. To the degree that your entire staff understands and commits to his or her role on the customer service team will you achieve success in meeting the needs of your customers. Satisfied customers mean repeat business, the lifeblood of any company. Dennis Mannering will help you build a well-functioning team that has the skills and understanding needed to accomplish your customer satisfaction goals.

How to Sell Value and Develop Long-Term Relationships: Up to eight modules of sales fundamentals. Includes the skills all sales people need to develop and maintain to be successful. Can be customized for more advanced sales. A sales training session guaranteed to improve sales performance and productivity. The eight modules below constitute a full eight-hour seminar. Choose from the modules to build your own customized program.

How Good Managers Become Great Leaders: How to develop leadership characteristics that create the right environment for high morale and productivity. Deals with the difficult human issues managers face daily. There is definite movement in business today from business executives and managers having “management driven” philosophies to creating “leadership inspired” environments. What is the distinction? When is it appropriate to use your management skills and when is it critical that you move to leadership attitudes and skills? The successful executive or manager in the 21st century will be able to comfortably move from one mode to the other as situations change and needs arise. This message is critical for organizations that want to create an environment where productivity is encouraged and high morale is desired.

Changing Paradigms - The Future Ain't What It Used to Be!: A clear look at the trends shaping the future, the changes those trends will require and the opportunities the changes will create. A person's attitude and response to the changes could impact their success as they move into the 21st century. Longer version includes information and hands-on strategic planning for change. A challenging look at the unparalleled changes occurring in our society and business today. These changes demand that each of us as individuals, and collectively as organizations, remove our resistance to change and expand our concept of the possibilities available now and into the 21st century. A longer seminar includes an intensive planning session using the information shared in the seminar. Customization for each client is provided for this longer session.

Leading The 21st Century Team: How to build an effective, well functioning team. Emphasis is placed on collaboration rather than cooperation. Team dynamics can be included in a longer seminar.

Attitudes Are Contagious...Are Yours Worth Catching?: A Challenging Keynote! An upbeat message to set the stage for a positive experience at any meeting or convention. Dennis' book, by the same title, is often used as a reinforcement gift with this presentation. An upbeat message regarding the effect attitudes have on career success, organization or company morale, and daily job and life satisfaction. Dennis Mannering uses persuasive analogies and quotes research studies, laced with humor, to convince people of the truth behind what some consider debatable statements. This presentation is a great change of pace in heavy content conference or as a conference opener to set an upbeat tone.

Eliminate The 'DO GAP'!: A Great Convention Closer! Fires up the group to use their newly learned skills, along with skills already in place. An inspiring, motivational, and entertaining message calling for personal responsibility and accountability for the quality of our personal and professional performance. With humor laced throughout the presentation, Dennis Mannering challenges individuals to use what they have learned and more of what they already know to make a positive impact in their personal and professional lives. This is a great closing session for conferences, sending people off, energized to use their new-found knowledge.


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