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Devin Henderson  

Multi-award winning magician. Transforming People. Transforming Business.

Devin Henderson was voted the 2010 ‘Stage Magician of the Year’ and ‘Close-up Magician of the Year’ by Ring 129 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Corporations and associations hire Devin repeatedly for his clean content and ability to amaze and engage his audiences. But what really sets Devin apart is the message in his magic. His core lessons of sharing your magic and adding value are equally applicable in business and in life. Devin's incorporation of illusion, comedy and audience participation into his message of personal transformation creates a captivating experience and leaves a lasting impression. If you are looking for an entertaining speaker with a message that will transform the individuals in your organization and in turn transform your organization as a whole, look no further. Your solution is Devin Henderson, The Business Magician.


"SHARE YOUR MAGIC" (Keynote): Using Your Strengths to Add Value to People and Transform Your World.   

What is your magic? What about you adds value to the people you live, work and interact with? Share Your Magic is about discovering how to utilize your strengths, interests and natural talents to impact your world in your own AMAZING way.  

Devin uses comedy, audience participation and his award-winning magic to demonstrate how sharing your magic can transform your life, the lives of others and your organization as a whole. Devin will customize his unique presentation to help reinforce behaviors that add value and create transformation for your specific group.

    Benefits of Share Your Magic

-Develop key internal and external relationships in order to create transformation within your organization.

-Discover the 3 most important components of how to A.D.D. value.

-Learn how to find fulfillment in the job you currently have.

-Find ways to add value to yourself.

-Enjoy a powerful and entertaining message packed with MAGIC and FUN!

"COMEDY MAGIC SHOW" (After Dinner Entertainment):  "A non-stop roller coaster of illusions and laughs!"                    

A regular at the world-famous Improv Comedy Club, Devin's style is best described as 'Stand-up comedy with a bag of tricks.' This amazing show is filled with tons of laughs and non-stop audience participation. But volunteers beware: Devin is also an accomplished pickpocket! He'll have your watch, wallet, cell phone and neck tie before you can say "Abracadabra."

"MIND MADNESS SHOW" (After Dinner Entertainment):  INSANELY COOL mind tricks guaranteed to WEIRD YOU OUT!

Mind Madness is an entertaining display of psychological feats and intuition (otherwise known as Mentalism). Devin gets no help from "plants" in the crowd or more importantly supernatural powers. He simply creates the illusion of possessing abilities of telekinesis, mind-reading and future forecasting. This show is scary fun with just the right touch of humor - perfect for the skeptics of magic.

Speech Topics

Inspirational (Ministry)

Devin offers a variety of programs for churches and other ministries. His faith-based presentations entertain, engage, encourage and have an eternal effect.

Comedy Magic

This is Devin's more traditional magic show where he spits playing cards out of his mouth and swallows a balloon whole. Okay, maybe "traditional" is the wrong word, but you get the idea. Just think of this as stand-up comedy with a bag of tricks.

Mind Madness

Literally an unbelievable experience that will make you laugh out loud and at the same time...totally weird you out! Devin uses a mix of intuition, manipulation, common sense and a little luck to accomplish his extraordinary feats of the mind.

Goal in Mind

It is incredible what the average person is capable of accomplishing. Explore the limits of your potential. Learn how to set your sights higher, remain committed, go all out with your efforts and stop letting other people sell you short.

Share Your Magic

If magic were real, how could it be used in relation to people skills? Learn how to be a magician every day by creating "magical moments" for the people you live and work with. Discover how being an Everyday Magician will not only have an impact on others, it will make your life better in the process.

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