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Diana Jordan        

Stand-up Comedian, Author, Laughter Therapist & Breast Cancer Survivor

Diana Jordan is an acclaimed speaker, author, comedian, and laughter therapist who has worked with and for thousands of happy and laughter filled clients.

A breast cancer survivor, Jordan works as a patient advocate and support system for other women going through this disease. She is also involved in The Farrah Fawcett Foundation which supports cutting-edge HPV-related cancer research, along with patient assistance and prevention efforts. As cancer survivor, she speaks about her journey to many cancer organizations and events nationwide. “Like Norman Cousins, my sense of humor helped me deal with my situation and recovery. Laughter is absolutely the magic bullet!”

Growing up in a small town, like her fellow Oklahoman, Will Rogers, Jordan never met a person she couldn’t find some good or humor in. She began her career as a young country western singer. Yep! Touring from coast to coast and Europe she finally ended up where she wanted: Las Vegas! After only three weeks of pounding on agents’ doors and begging them to let her sing along with pre-recorded music on her little cassette recorder she got hired by a big hotel as the lead singer in a house band! Caesars Palace no less! Then ~onto California! In Los Angeles she expanded her talents of singing, writing, stand-up comedy, screenwriting and speaking. Jordan is a not only a quadruple threat but has made a living at each one of her talents separately. While in LA she auditioned and was accepted by illustrious comedy coach, Harvey Lembeck where she had as a classmate and eventual date mate, Robin Williams. “Robin taught me about real courage to take a chance on myself!” She did and her career became white hot when she went under contract to CBS Network and Twentieth Century Fox for her self-penned sitcom, “Female, Fertile, & Frustrated!” Jordan is a member of SAG, AFTRA, The National Speakers Association, and The Writers Guild of America.

Jordan has been featured on Oprah (twice) for her talents as a comedian and writer where Oprah named her, “One of the funniest people on the planet!” Her hilarious, best-selling book, A Wife’s Little Instruction Book, Your Survival Guide to Marriage Without Bloodshed! has sold over 500,000 copies and is in five languages. She has also been nominated by The American Comedy Awards as, “One of the top five female comedians in the country!” where she was personally introduced by Joan Rivers.

She has appeared in many comedy specials, including Showtime’s Women of the Night, Evening at the Improv, Comedy Central, Entertainment Tonight, CBS News, The Match-Game, Netflix and many more. She has appeared at such prestigious venues such as Radio City Music Hall and The Kennedy Center. She has been an M.C. at events with General Colin Powell and Loretta King.

A world traveler, Jordan has lived in Greece, Hawaii, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and even ‘starved’ while working as a waitress in New York to get a job on Broadway.

For over a year Jordan performed her widely popular one-woman-show, “Female, Fertile, and Frustrated!” which she wrote, produced, directed, and starred in at the world-famous Icehouse Comedy Club in Pasadena, California. “Female, Fertile, and Frustrated!”

As a talented comedian and singer, she has opened in concert for major stars at The Kennedy Center, The Garden State Arts Center, and Radio City Music Hall among others. She has also been Mistress of Ceremonies for gala events with prestigious speakers such as Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell and Yolanda King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King.

On screen, Jordan co-starred in “Loretta’s Surprise,” featured at the Sundance Film Festival, ‘Blood Pageant’ a comedy/horror movie starring Billy Baldwin and Snoop Dogg, and was handpicked by director Cameron Crowe to be in the Oscar nominated movie “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise. You’ll see her sitting next to Cruise during the now famous “You complete me” and “You had me at hello” scenes! Cruise says, “Diana is funny and smart, she had me at “ha! ha!”

Speech Topics

Women's Corporate & Leadership Speaker

  • Passion stress – How to deal with it without losing your mind.
  • Secrets to being fearless in life and business.
  • The health benefits of laughing and making the choice to “light-up!” and incorporate humor in your life and work
  • How laughter brings people together and improves interpersonal relationships.
  • How to use humor to diffuse potentially bad situations.
  • Delivers statistics of how humor bonds people, increases work performance, reduces absenteeism and encourages creativity in the workplace.
  • Diana uses personal experiences to describe how a sense of humor can be a learned and applied behavior.
  • Let Diana empower your audience to use laughter to cope with stress, change, and burnout.

Heart Health Speaker

  • Diana has educated and entertained thousands of women on healthy heart issues over the past 15 years. The importance of early detection and yearly exams. Further, everyone needs to learn their family heart history and again, get those yearly checkups!
  • Important facts such as the signs of having a woman are not always the same as a man. Discovering this can save your life or someone you love!
  • Understanding how laughter and having a sense of humor are very important ingredients in the prevention of a heart attack and keeping healthy afterward. Laughter lowers blood pressure, massages the heart and reduces stress, hence giving an overall sense of well-being.

Breast Cancer Survivor Speaker

  • Exhibit how to use laughter and humor to cope with stress, change, pain management and attitude.
  • Explore the many health benefits of laughter (massages the heart, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, and helps you lose weight!
  • Dealing with friends and family and how to understand that they have a difficult time as well.
  • How to find your funny by making and using your own ‘Giggle Box!” (A Dr. Oz favorite!)
  • Getting used to your ‘New Normal’ and how to continue the journey with hope and humor.

Mental Health & Wellness Speaker

A dynamic and exciting Healthcare Speaker as well as a certified laughter therapist, Diana combines these skills, a college Major in psychology, her own personal struggles, (including surviving childhood trauma and later in life, breast cancer) provides a well-rounded and yes, funny Presentation! An award-winning stand-up comedian, Diana will bring heartwarming stories, triumphs, applicable tools and share how laughter saved her life.

Stress Management Speaker

  • Demonstrates how laughter brings people together and improves interpersonal relationships
  • Teaches how to use humor to diffuse potentially bad situations.
  • Delivers statistics of how humor bonds people and increases work performance.
  • Uses personal experience to describe how a sense of humor can be a learned and applied behavior.
  • Engage participants in fun and simple Laughter Club modules and how this can affect a positive change in relationships, creativity, & productivity.

Healthcare & Nurses' Speaker

  • As a healthcare speaker Diana will discuss the many health benefits of laughter including stress reduction, strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, massages the heart, releases endorphins and laughter can help you lose weight!
  • As a health and wellness speaker Diana will demonstrate how to use humor to increase creativity in the workplace.
  • Teaches how to use humor to diffuse potentially bad situations.
  • Explains how humor bonds people, increases work performance and reduces absenteeism.
  • Empower your audience to use laughter to cope with stress and change in the workplace and in home-life.

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