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The World's Worst Waiter

What do Honda, General Mills, Ernst & Young, Apple Computer, Dell Computer, The Big 12 Conference, Bell Helicopter and Exxon have in common? They have all had the good sense to acquire the services of Don Pryor the World's Worst Waiter.

Why the worst? Because Don Pryor is the funniest waiter to ever drop a tray or join you in eating your dessert. Corporate and Association banquets, private parties, and business meetings from Canada to Mexico have become life-long memories because of “that crazy waiter.” The whole audience takes the laughter home with them.

How effective is this hoax? The National Association of Fraud Examiners has been using the talents of Don Pryor for 10 years to completely fool their clients studying detection of fraud. And who are these clients? The FBI, the CIA, bank examiners and many other organizations responsible for fraud detection! And when they learn that the “crazy waiter” was a fraud, the lesson is… “GULP… We’ve been had and I've never had so much fun being fooled.”

The laughter begins with the salad and lasts through the dessert. And when unmasked, Don Pryor’s revelations of his various encounters with specific guests literally has the audience gasping for breath. You'll never encounter a lousy waiter without remembering “the world's worst waiter.”

How the program works best: For meal functions where Don is used, the program typically will promote a “prestigious speaker” – so everyone is on their best behavior and Don’s antic becomes that much more “embarrassing!” Don will make arrangements with the hotel to dress in their uniform. Don works very closely with the hotel staff to coordinate various aspects of his act in advance and to answer any questions from the staff regarding his performance.

After a mealtime full of pranks and laughter, the “special speaker” is introduced with a lengthy resume of accomplishments. It works best if the “prestigious speaker” is actually a local Toastmasters (or anyone who would not be recognized by the attendees), but is positioned as an accomplished expert in your industry (i.e. an Executive from Lloyd’s of London for an insurance group).

When the speaker is introduced (with proper references for his many accomplishments!), he begins by telling a joke – at the end of which Don (from the banquet hall floor) yells out his punch line! The speaker then tries again with another joke – whose punch line is stolen by Don! The speaker then says, “OK, if you are so funny, you tell a joke,” which he does – and his punch line is then stolen by the speaker! By this time, the audience fully understands that Don is more than a waiter – he’s the entertainment.

The speaker then introduces Don as the “World’s Worst Waiter,” at which time Don comes to the podium and tells funny stories of real incidents which have occurred around the country during his routine. This is a proven winner for great entertainment!

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