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Donna Hartley  

Cancer, Plane Crash & Heart Disease Survivor

Donna Hartley is proof that one woman can walk through fire and deliver a message powerful enough to impact millions of lives. For more than two decades she has captivated audiences worldwide with straight talk, vision, and wisdom-based strategies to master life's challenges. In her empowering story of survival, she draws on three life-changing events in her life, igniting her audience with the firepower to awaken their untapped potential and master change in their lives.

On March 1, 1978, she survived a fiery DC-10 plane crash that transformed her life in seconds and inspired her to successfully change airline safety regulations; on March 1, 2002, she was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma and today is a cancer-free, active spokesperson for cancer awareness; on March 1, 2006, she triumphed over unexpected open-heart surgery to replace a faulty aortic valve, and is now is a women's health advocate.

Through her mentor, George, Hartley was coached on the value of persistence and learning the immense power of self reliance and determination to handle change and challenges. Armed with this knowledge and a passion to share her visionary insight, her enthusiasm is contagious as she infuses her audience with firepower to transform their lives.

A former Miss Hawaii and television actress, Hartley offers a captivating account of the momentous events that reshaped her life and revealed her calling to motivate. Her compelling story has been featured on NBC, ABC, PBS, and in The New York Times. A sought-after expert on piloting the changing tides of life, Hartley is a member of the National Speakers Association and is the owner of Hartley International. She has six stories in the Chocolate for a Women's Soul series and is featured in Chicken Soup for the Miracles. In addition, she is the author of Fire Up Your Life! and Fire Up Your Intuition! and has two additional books forthcoming: Fire Up Your Healing and Fire Up Your Heart!


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Speech Topics

Fire Up Your Heart!

Donna Hartley takes you on an incredible journey delivered in a dramatic and humorous presentation of her life and the three times she had to fight to live. As a heart patient survivor with a new aortic valve, she is a health advocate. She infuses you with five powerful health strategies to keep your intentions and your actions heart healthy.

Fire Up Your Life!

This program is inspirational and motivational with 9 powerful strategies to personal and professional success. Donna Hartley is a catalyst who impacts your life with straight talk and vision giving you the needed tools to survive and heal in a changing world. You will be introduced to Donna’s mentor, George, who guided her through surviving a plane crash, adopting a daughter as a single mom, beating cancer and open heart surgery. Fire Up Your Life! proves one woman can walk through fire and deliver a message powerful enough to change your destiny and impact millions of lives.

Fire Up Your Speaking!

Your success depends on how you present your information - whether speaking to one or one thousand people. There is no greater skill that can help your career and develop a clientele, more than knowing what to say and how to say it. In these changing times, having communication skills is a must. You will learn how to deliver a result oriented presentation, with positive body language, voice, and impact words. Also, learn how to have a powerful opening statement, how to use key points, and to persuasively have a call to action closing.

Fire Up Your Attitude!

Out serve your competition by building personal and professional customer service. Change your attitude, deliver consistency at every level, and increase your bottom line. In these challenging times, people are making choices about how to spend their money. Learn how your attitude can make the difference. Attitude is the answer. Through Donna Hartley's entertaining and visionary style, you will learn how to have a progressive attitude, how to create powerful first impressions, build a winning team, manage stress, and create a loyal customer base.

Fire Up Your Healing!

Donna Hartley is a melanoma stage III survivor and is aware that one in seven people will develop skin cancer. As a Continental DC-10 plane crash survivor, cancer survivor and open heart patient survivor, she knows there are definite strategies to be proactive with your health. Her story is entertaining as well as insightful and she concludes her presentation with five powerful techniques to survive a health crisis.

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