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Doug Dvorak    

Founder & Managing Principal of The DMG International

Doug Dvorak is the Founder & Managing Principal of The DMG International, a worldwide organization that assists clients with sales productivity training other aspects of sales and marketing management. Mr. Dvorak’s clients range from entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies including, IBM, Marriott, Subway and Unilever, just to name a few.

Mr. Dvorak has delivered over 2000 customized sales training keynotes, presentations and workshops on over 5 continents in 107 countries to over 1 million people and growing. He has also earned an international reputation for his powerful sales training, educational methods and motivational techniques.

His background in sales, leadership, management and customer experience and loyalty has allowed him to become one of world’s most sought after speaker, trainer and consultant. This vast experience has helped him shape and determine his philosophies on success which he now shares annually with thousands of individuals through keynote presentations, syndicated writing, television, seminars & 8 bestselling books.

Mr. Dvorak is a certified sales trainer, management consultant and corporate humorist. Mr. Dvorak holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management. However, Mr. Dvorak’s sense of humor is no less refined, as he is a graduate of the Player’s Workshop of the Second City, one of the oldest and most prestigious improvisational comedy schools in the world.

Mr. Dvorak’s dedication to success & sales excellence led him to be named one of the “Top Ten Sales Professionals in America” by Personal Selling Power Magazine. In August 2014, Doug was inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame. Only 68 other Motivational Speakers have been asked to join this prestigious society. Other luminaries include, Zig Ziglar, Ronald Reagan, Dr. Wayne Dwyer, Bill Clinton, as well as many other business, civic & political dignitaries. Mr. Dvorak’s vision & leadership were recognized when he was honored with introduction into several prestigious National & international Who’s Who organizations, including: Who’s Who in Professional Speaking.

Mr. Dvorak is an active member of the National Speakers Association & is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) the highest earned designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA). Mr. Dvorak has served as an Advisory Board Member of “Best Buddies International, Inc.", which is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

Speech Topics

"Mega Motivation With A Twist??"

Thank you for your interest in Dr. Earnest Carpediem's™ "Mega Motivation With A Twist®" program.

Program Description:

Dr. Earnest Carpediem™ Dr. Earnest Carpediem™ delivers a highly energetic, creative and humorous interactive presentation as a motivational speaker and gifted psychic that actively solicits audience participation in an enthusiastic and non-threatening manner.

Program Goal:

To ensure that each audience member receives a hearty laugh, feels better about themselves, and leaves with a positive attitude. Dr. Earnest Carpediem™ reminds his audience that laughter equals longevity and psychological well being.


45 - 60 Minutes

Equipment Required:

Overhead / LCD projector and screen Wireless lavaliere microphone

The program can be customized for any event including: Keynotes Breakout Sessions Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Events Recognition Ceremonies Sales Meetings Management Conferences Corporate Retreats Special Events

Program Fee:

Keynote: $5000 Keynote and Breakout: $6000 Half Day Training: $6500 Full Day Training:$7500 Travel expenses billed separately

We look forward to working and laughing with you and your organization.

"Laughter is the Best Medicine??"

Thank you for your interest in Dr. Earnest Carpediem's™ "Laughter is the Best Medicine®" program.

Program Description:

What's your HQ? (Humor Quotient) Is it surprisingly low or non-existent? Are you laughing and living up to your humor potential? If you want to develop and exercise your "Funny Bones", then you should plan on attending this interactive workshop.

Who should attend? Anyone who wants to add humor and laughter to their personal and professional life! This workshop takes you through the creative process of humor and improvisation and teaches you to recognize the "Funny" in us all.

Program Goal:

Recognize the importance and power of laughter and humor in life and work.

  • Learn to create and honor your own unique sense of humor.
  • Increase you comfort and confidence by using humor personally and professionally.
  • Embrace a broader perspective of humor as a way to get support for all areas of your life.

"The Art of Being Creative??" Thank you for your interest in Dr. Earnest Carpediem's™ "The Art of Being Creative®" workshop.

Program Description:

The Art of Being Creative Seminar will help you to become a more creative person. You will learn how to expand and refine your creative ideas. You will no longer haphazardly search for creative solutions or become frustrated when your random methods don’t yield results. This seminar will also help participants improve the capability for innovation through examining known pitfalls and problems, while developing tools for maximizing the creative potential for both themselves and their colleagues. In a business world that’s changing fast, innovators and problem solvers rise to the top. How good are you at coming up with bright ideas? More importantly, how do you get better at it? This program shows you how to put yourself in a creative mode anytime, anyplace.

What you will learn:

Select exercises that can be done to mentally prepare you to be creative. Identify elements of physical surroundings that you can control to increase creativity. Choose ways in which you can physically prepare yourself to be creative. Use ways to be more adventuresome to reach a decision. You will also learn how creativity and innovation can foster a creative environment that offers students information required to recruit and retain creative individuals, perform a creativity audit, and to communicate with creative people. In addition, the program explains creative rhythm and gives suggestions for implementing a creative culture.

  • Understanding of the nature of creativity.
  • Techniques for managing the creative process.
  • How to assess the levels of creativity and innovation for yourself and your organization.
  • Recognize techniques that will enhance creativity.
  • Avoid personal and organizational factors that block creativity.
  • Why you must ditch some of your &

Creating a Customer Centric Culture??"

Thank you for your interest in Dr. Earnest Carpediem's™ "Creating a Customer Centric Culture®"

Customer Excellence workshop.

Program Description:

Imagine an organization where all your employees are confident, self-sufficient and motivated. Your company’s turnover is at an all-time low, as are customer complaints. Word on the street is that your company offers the benchmark for customer service in your industry, and your competitors are seeing red as their customers jump ship and swim your way. With “Creating a Customer Centric Culture”, a powerful new customer excellence program, you don’t have to imagine anymore. You can make your dream world a reality!

What you will learn:

This training program leads to customer service consistency. Your customers are your business. They write your paychecks — and those of your employees. Even the briefest customer interaction affects your bottom line. We show you how to win customers over by treating them well and retain them by keeping them happy, while maintaining your competitive advantage — excellent customer service — with across-the-board consistency. We use dramatizations of real-world customer service situations to keep the training interesting, relevant and fun.

Bottom-line benefits of “Creating a Customer Centric Culture” include:

Leads to higher employee productivity and profits Increases employee retention Creates consistency of service throughout your company Fits into any schedule – no matter how hectic

Benefits to attendees:

Increases the confidence and competence of your employees Boosts self-esteem and morale Skills are transferable to other areas of work or life Learning is customized to the needs of the organization and individual and thus, non- threatening and more effective


Half-day abridged version is del

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