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Dov Seidman      

Founder & CEO of LRN; Organizational Development & Effectiveness Advisor

Over 25 years ago, Dov Seidman founded LRN, a technology and education company that provides ethics and compliance software and content to corporations like Apple, the NFL and Pfizer. LRN also advises companies on shaping values-based leadership, cultures and governance as sources of competitive advantage. LRN has helped to elevate the conduct of more than 35 million corporate employees around the world. In 2010, LRN was invited by the World Economic Forum to join their Forum Member community, which represents outstanding, global organizations chosen for their innovative business models, market influence, industry disruption, corporate citizenship and visionary leadership.

Dov is the author of the book HOW: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything, a New York Times best seller that offers a philosophical framework for individual and organizational behavior in a world that is increasingly interconnected and interdependent. In the book, Dov describes how the world has been reshaped and the implications and imperatives for us, our institutions, society and humanity as a whole. The book was updated and expanded in 2011 with a new foreword from President Bill Clinton, and has been published in approximately 20 countries around the world.

Today, the HOW philosophy is being used to impact how businesses operate, cities are run, soldiers are trained, school systems prepare their students and staff, and professional sports franchises use values for competitive advantage. The HOW philosophy was recognized as one of the nine rules for companies to embrace in Thomas L. Friedman’s seminal book, “The World is Flat.” Dov’s ideas have also been featured prominently in Friedman’s best-selling “Hot, Flat and Crowded,” “That Used to Be Us,” “Thank You for Being Late.”

Dov holds master’s degrees in moral philosophy from UCLA and Oxford as well as a law degree from Harvard. His proposals before the U.S. Sentencing Commission arguing that companies must move from a check-the-box, compliance-only approach to focus on fostering ethical cultures and behaviors were adopted and are the very standards by which companies, cultures and programs are judged.

Dov writes frequently about leadership for the New York Times and Fortune Magazine. Most recently, Fortune invited Dov to share his views on the moral imperatives of modern leadership at the Vatican. In a follow up article on the topic in Fortune’s Change the World issue, Dov was called the “corporate whisper” because of his “ability to take the challenges that CEOs and other leaders face in their day-to-day roles and place them in a broader context of decision-making—one that brings into greater focus the real effects on coworkers, community, and the enterprise itself.” Dov has also been named a “Game Changer” by Time Magazine and “One of the Top Thought Leaders of the Past Decade” by The Economic Times.

Dov is frequently invited to speak at leading industry events, to senior corporate managers and boards of directors, and to governments. Recent presentations include The World Economic Forum, The Time-Fortune Global CEO Forum, The World Business Forum, The National Press Club and The Aspen Ideas Festival. He has also been the keynote speaker at University of California Los Angeles’s annual commencement, and has received an honorary doctorate from Hebrew Union College.

Led by a lifelong pursuit and passion for ethical leadership, he and his company LRN became the exclusive corporate sponsors of the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity Prize in Ethics in 2008, as the institution was in its 20th year of celebrating ethical decision making among America’s youth. Dov is a member of the board at the 92nd Street Y. He is also a member of the Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism Advisory Council. Dov was honored as the 2014 Corporate Organizational Excellence in Organizational Development Award winner for demonstrating a 10+ year commitment to organizational development and effectiveness.

Speech Topics

Inspirational Leadership: Get Great Performance By Inspiring Around Your Mission and Values

For today’s senior executives, the challenge is a universal one: how to inspire employees to perform at a consistently high level … without costly investments.

Acclaimed thought leader and best-selling author Dov Seidman explores the principles of inspirational leadership. In this riveting, interactive presentation, he explains the difference between inspiring others versus motivating or coercing them, showing why it’s far more important to do the former. Through research and examples, he will show how great results come from employees bought into a company’s underlying mission and values.

Audiences will be energized and inspired by one of the business world's leading thinkers. And they will never view their business, their associates or their ability to lead the same way. In particular, they will:

  • Discover the secret to developing high-performing, values-driven leaders in every corner and every level of their organization

  • Learn how to develop an inspired, deeply committed workforce that powers their company's success.

From Outperform to Outbehave: How Your Behavior Can Help You Win and Win Over the Long Term

In a world that’s smaller, more connected, more aware, it’s increasingly hard to stand out from competitors. One of the country's preeminent thought leaders explains why behavior based on principles, values and character invariably will win – in sales and all of business.

In this powerful presentation, global business leader and acclaimed author Dov Seidman shows that by keeping promises, acting with integrity and building trust, companies and their sales teams can win customers and keep them for the long term.

Audiences will learn how to:

  • Create a culture within their organizations that prizes values-based behavior

  • Build an enduring business advantage no competitor can replicate.

HOW: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything ... in Business (and in Life)

What's more potent than any business model, product pipeline or breakthrough technology? It's human behavior – the one thing that cannot be copied or turned into a commodity – the ultimate source of competitive advantage.

In this dynamic presentation, acclaimed business leader and best-selling author Dov Seidman argues that how we do things – rather than what we do – is the ultimate differentiator in business and every other part of life.

Drawing from his recent book and a career built on proving that the most principled businesses are ultimately the most profitable, Dov powerfully illustrates that lasting advantage can be won by literally outbehaving the competition. This dynamic thought leader and visionary explains to audiences:

  • The surprising power that lies in the way we do things … the power of how.

  • The lasting benefits of doing the right thing – on and away from the job.

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