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Dr. Adolph Brown        

Educator, Businessman & Author

Dr. Adolph Brown aka "The World's Greatest Edu-tainer" (the name given to him by friend Doug E. Fresh - "The World's Greatest Entertainer,") is an internationally renowned credentialed master teacher, character education leader, servant leadership consultant, educational & clinical psychologist, author, researcher, entrepreneur, and an influential thinker/practitioner in the fields of education, human behavior, and neuroscience. He was once the youngest tenured full professor in our nation even after his extremely humble beginnings and being the first in his family of 5 to graduate from high school.

Head Start gave Dr. Brown his aptitude for learning and he continues to grow and learn to this very day. Dr. Brown is a graduate of the College of William & Mary with degrees in Psychology, Anthropology, and a minor in Education. He completed his graduate studies in clinical psychology at the College of William and Mary extension of the Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology (Child & Family and Education tracks). He completed his residency at the Eastern Virginia Medical School.

He writes and teaches from a unique perspective of an experienced passionate & award-winning educator & research scientist, an innovative & effective business leader, and an engaging consultant. Dr. Brown has devoted his life’s mission to positive human development. Brown loves to receive invitations to present any number of his vast array of master classes. He is not your typical “motivational speaker” or self-proclaimed “guru.” He educates, informs, challenges, and delights with some amusement and a little "show and tell.” Brown customizes each masterclass or workshop for the audience with lots of audience participation, profound challenges, multiple takeaways, and BIG FUN!

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Speech Topics

ALL In, We're Gonna WIN! The BEST School Year EVER!™ Opening Day with Dr. Adolph Brown

Credentialed Master Teacher Dr. Adolph Brown brings a "Party with a Purpose" to your district for Opening Day Convocation. With music, motivation and relevant evidenced-based data driven messages (addressing mental toughness, self-care, teamwork, classroom management, and so much more) Dr. Brown inspires ALL from food services and maintenance staff to school librarians and professional school nurses to be the very best they can be! Participants are guaranteed to think more critically, dance out loud, belly laugh and even cry.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will be uplifted and motivated to start the school year.

  2. Participants will understand the importance of developing relationships with students and each other, as well as maintaining a positive, professional attitude.

There are Parts 1, 2 & 3 to the Opening Day series

Head Start: The Benefits of Early Childhood Education™

Head Start helped young Adolph Brown with his rough start. Who Dr. Adolph Brown is today, began with Head Start. Dr. Brown is giving back to the places where it all begins by addressing educators, parents, guardians, and paraprofessionals of Early Childhood Development. Dr. Brown is a frequently invited motivational keynote speaker, child development trainer, and seminar leader on topics of child development birth to 8, parent engagement, family engagement, community engagement and father involvement. As a former Head Start student and practicing clinical and educational psychologist, Dr. Adolph Brown has successfully consulted with and positively impacted over 100 Head Start programs and early childhood organizations across the nation and abroad.

Learning Objectives

  1. Dr. Brown shares his triumphant journey as a Head Start student with inspiring stories and hilarious anecdotes coupled with gems of early childhood, parenting, and professional development insights and evidence-based research.
  2. Dr. Adolph Brown provides relatable education, sound advice and applicable strategies for all parents, teachers, and staff of all early childhood programs, child and welfare agencies, and foster care organizations.

Putting Down What You Are Carrying... & Preparing For The Tasks At Hand!

Our personal troubles, private challenges, and societal crises beyond our control can become baggage over time, and we risk dumping it on others. Putting down the baggage can be scary. It will require us to redefine who we are and what we are capable of becoming. Unresolved issues due to the disruption of the pandemic, unforeseen setbacks, societal unrest, neglected relationships, career failures, illnesses, or huge financial loss may lead to over indulgent and/or other unhealthy behavior in order to mask underlying issues. Our future success depends on our willingness to unpack and put down our baggage. Join Dr. Brown on this remarkable journey of “letting it go and emptying it out.”

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn that once we rid ourselves of the limiting negative thoughts, feelings, judgments, experiences, we can experience fulfillment in our natural state.
  2. Learn that acknowledgement is crucial to unloading these issues and beginning the journey onward.

Doing What's Best for Students...Walking The Talk!™

"Doing what's best for students" is a common phrase tossed around in education often without subsequent clarifying conversations. This master class will explore what it really means in practical terms to do what's best for students with the understanding that we all are fallible human beings. What is “best” for students is rarely a single, narrowly-focused strategy, approach, and/or philosophy. This is a journey that will require all to think beyond the "core curriculum" as well as self-reflect and possibly self-correct. From a developmental perspective, we know what is "best" can and will differ depending on the students' ages, background, community needs, etc. Students are happier, healthier, and better educated when given diverse and multiple opportunities for expression. To accomplish this we must work to nurture the soul as well as the brain. Rich opportunities for a variety of experiences help students become well-rounded adults. Participants will leave WOWED, STUNNED, and TOUCHED! Tears and Cheers will abound!

Learning Objectives

  1. Create a learning environment that supports the delivery of content and wisdom with empathy, care, dignity, respect, relevance, and common sense.

  2. Learning to treat ALL students as if they were the children of your superintendent.

  3. Visualize your student's success.

To Serve Well, You Must Live Well™ Self-Care For Professionals

Self-care is for all! We cannot control everything that life throws our way, but we can control how well we take care of ourselves. Self-care for professionals is about taking care of your own mental health and wellbeing so that you can effectively support people you work with, live with and love. This is an upbeat and eye-opening journey of reflection, connection and in many cases redirection.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn 5 Self-Care practices for every area of their life.
  2. Participants will learn the key to living a balanced life.

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