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Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell          

Physician, Medical Correspondent, Health Equity Advocate & TEDx Speaker

Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell (Dr. BCW) held the position of Medical Director of Community Engagement and Health Equity at Carbon Health where she spearheaded initiatives related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. She now serves as the Medical Director of Urgent Care at Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center in Reno, NV. She is the founder of Beyond Clinical Walls, a health literacy and equity series focused on bringing bite size, digestible, engaging and informative health content that focuses on promoting health literacy, highlighting health inequities and race-based medical practices.

As an expert on the disparities in healthcare and ways to resolve them, Dr. BCW has made appearances on NBC, BBC, CNN, Scripps News, the Grio, CBS and other national media outlets. In her talks, Dr. BCW helps audiences understand unconscious bias and how it impacts health outcomes, especially for those in minority demographics. She promotes being your own health advocate to improve wellness and get the most out of healthcare interactions.

As a part of her work to assist marginalized groups, Dr. BCW acts as the Medical Director for the Washoe County Sexual Assault Response Team, offering support to survivors of sexual assault. She is also an assistant medical examiner at Washoe County Child Protective Services, ensuring the welfare of vulnerable children. In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. BCW lent her expertise to the Reno Mayor's Task Force and the Governors Medical Advisory Team in 2021.

Throughout her career, Dr. BCW has been honored with numerous awards, including the 2022 Healthcare Heroes Award from Nevada Business Magazine. She has also been recognized with the Community Service Award by the Washoe County Medical Society, the 2021 Young Physician Award from the same society, and the 2020 PBS Reno Spotlight Extraordinary Neighbor Award.

Dr. BCW’s accomplishments extend beyond the local arena, with accolades such as the Sierra Nevada's Top 20 Most Powerful Women award in 2019 and her recent recognition as one of the 75 Black Healthcare Leaders to Watch by Becker's Hospital Review. Dr. BCW has also served as the President of the Washoe County Medical Society and is a two-time TEDx presenter with her most recent TEDX talk garnering over one million views.

Speech Topics

How to Identify and Address Unconscious Bias and Race-Based Medical Practices

Addressing unconscious bias and race-based medical practices is crucial for ensuring equitable healthcare. In this talk, Dr. BCW asserts that, by actively identifying and addressing unconscious bias and race-based medical practices, healthcare organizations can work towards providing fair, high-quality care for all patients, regardless of their racial or ethnic backgrounds.

In this candid, eye-opening conversations, Dr. BCW underline the following:

  • How unconscious bias impacts our behavior and interactions without us realizing it.
  • Real world examples chronicling the impact of bias on quality of service delivery and health outcomes.
  • Three approaches healthcare service providers can use to combat bias.

Addressing the Maternal Mortality Crisis: Moving Beyond Access and Socioeconomic Factors

The maternal mortality crisis is a pressing issue that requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond the simplistic notions of limited access and socioeconomic factors. In Dr. BCW’s opinion, to effectively combat this crisis, we must address systemic racism, race-based medical practices that are all too common in the US. To do this, Dr. BCW amplifies personal stories that highlight the gravity of the situation.

In this talk, Dr. BCW does the following:

  • Outlines specific race based medical practices in healthcare to illustrate the negative impact these practices have on the mortality rate of Black mothers.
  • Shares her personal, near-death experience as a result of bias and systematic racism.
  • Provides three ways the medical community can address these forms of bias and thus improve health outcomes for all mothers.

Empowering Your Best Health: Health Literacy, Self-Advocacy and Preventive Medicine

With all of the stress, uncertainty and challenges in the world it has never been more critical to focus on preventive medicine and maintaining both physical and mental wellness. For an individual to effectively increase their level of wellness, they must first know what good health is. In this talk, Dr.BCW’s years of experience has shown that health literacy is crucial in enabling patients to achieve their best health and take advantage of preventive medicine.

In this talk, Dr. BCW shares:

  • The importance of health literacy and how it impacts everyone’s health.
  • Commonly-held misconceptions about what “health” really means – and why we all need to be our own self advocate for health.
  • Three approaches each of us can take to improve our quality of life through increased physical and mental health.

Unlocking the Power of Health and Wellness: A Prescription for Organizational Success

Dr. BCW takes the audience on a transformative journey toward health and wellness. With a focus on employee well-being, preventative care, and how to advocate for the best care, Dr. BCW will explore the profound impact of a healthy workforce on your organization's success.

In this talk, Dr. BCW shares:

  • The importance of prioritizing the health and well-being of employees.
  • Explains how a healthier workforce leads to increased productivity and higher levels of employee engagement.
  • Discusses how proactive wellness initiatives can lead to a significant reduction in healthcare costs.

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