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Dr. Beth Ley Knotts  

Nutritionist, author, host of "Recipes For Life with Dr. Beth" on cable TV

My name is Dr. Beth M. Ley (Knotts). Ive been a science writer specializing in health and nutrition since 1988, and have written over 40 books on health related issues. Some of those publications include the best sellers, DHEA: Unlocking the Secrets to the Fountain of Youth, and MSM: On Our Way Back to Health With Sulfur.

For my undergraduate degree, I received a BS in Scientific and Technical Writing from North Dakota State University in 1987. I received my Masters, and Doctorate of Nutrition degree in 1998 from Clayton College.

Married in 2008, I currently live in Minneapolis with my husband Michael Knotts. Together we produce the cable TV program, "Recipes For Life with Dr. Beth," seen locally throughout Minnesota, as well as nationwide via Sky Angel on Channel 126. Our show also appears on Direct TV, channel 378.

Along with our cable show, I do nutrition and wellness counseling in the Twin Cities area, as well as nationwide. I also consult through my website found at www.blpublications.com. My counseling includes demonstrations on healthy cooking and course study in both private and public group settings.

Lastly, my memberships include: American Academy of Anti-aging, New York Academy of Sciences, Oxygen Society, Omega Team, and Resurrection Apostolic International Network (RAIN).

How I Got Here

Before living in Minnesota, I spent my childhood in North Dakota. The reason I became interested in good health, is because I was born into bad health. Since before I can remember, Ive suffered severe asthma and allergies. My earliest memories are being in an oxygen tent in the hospital, and then in the homemade tent my mother created using an upside down playpen and humidifier.

I spent much of my childhood alone and indoors because of my health problems. I was pretty much allergic to the entire outdoors. In grade school, recesses and phys-ed were short lived, because it was too stressful on my lungs.

By my high school years I was on numerous corporate remedies to control my asthma. My freedoms improved, and I was able to participate in cheerleading, and such. Only now I was chained to an inhaler, nebulizer, 12-hour pills and had to carry an epi-pen for emergencies. I couldnt go anywhere without my inhaler. I had them all over the house - the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, car, at least two different coat pockets, and of course, my purse.

Over the years, my concerns about long term drug side effects, toxicities, liver damage, risks for pregnancy, etc grew. I started researching everything I could regarding natural cures for my ailments, and related symptoms. I changed my diet, and even became a vegetarian. I started taking natural detoxifiers, bronchial dilators, and whatever else I thought might naturally cure me.

I achieved some success, but not to the extent that I could stop taking my medications without my lungs constricting. In the process, I became fascinated with nutritional supplements and natural healing.

By my college years, my health was severely deteriorating. I often found myself in emergency rooms begging for relief to no avail. I was told there was nothing they could do. For all of this, I ended up pursuing my degree program in scientific and technical writing, because I knew without a doubt that I wanted to write about good health.

After college (1987) I was blessed with working for various natural health and nutritional supplement companies. In all my years of researching the latest natural remedies, personally trying just about everything, I never really helped my own situation. I was never able to stop taking medications. I hated taking them, but was unable to breathe without them, and felt powerless. I was helping people solve their health problems naturally and organically through my books, but was a failure in my own search for natural wellness.

Nine years ago, I was listening to someone give testimony about miraculous healings in their life. I remember thinking, I wish God would heal me.

That night I begged God, and believed He could, and would heal me.The Apostle Paul wrote: I have a thorn in my flesh I asked the Lord three times, that it might go away. And the lord said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in your weakness I take pleasure in my infirmities, in my reproaches, in my necessities, in my persecutions, in my distresses for Christs sake. When I am weak then am I strong (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).

The power of what Paul wrote there gave me strength to accept my ailments, and put them in the hands of the one who allowed me to have them. Gods grace was sufficient. The humility I was given through that became my cure. When I prayed, I had to expect miracles, and miracles did happen when I put God in charge of my whole life.

At first I only knew to be healed through synthetic unnatural medicines. I then tried my own human way through nutrition and supplements. I saw some improvements, but I never thought to just honor God in all areas of my life. Its for this reason that I choose complete organic living, I choose to garden without chemicals, I choose to eat free-range meats raised in a humane way that I believe honors God and his creation. I choose not to eat corporate GMOs and take synthetic medications. God has provided all I need, and always has for all human kind.

If I didnt have such health problems (my thorn), I wouldnt have the knowledge, desire, or compassion to help others naturally cure themselves today. Thanks be to God whom has given me my purpose in life to serve him, by serving you using the gifts he has given me.

Since 2001 I have been completely healed. I have no other explanation for it, other than God simply heard my prayer and healed me. For 10 years now, the asthma medication that ran my life previously has been eliminated. My goal now is to the same for you. To help you in your journey to healing, weight loss, to be medication free or whatever your needs are.

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