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USA Today Best-Selling Author & Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Chloe Carmichael is a leading expert on anxiety, nationally known speaker, clinical psychologist, author, and entrepreneur. Her bestselling book, "Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety" (Macmillan, 2021) was endorsed by the world-renowned Deepak Chopra and called a “game changer” by Jim McCann, the founder of 1800-FLOWERS. Dr. Chloe’s online and in-person speaking have received rave reviews and return invitations from a diverse group of organizations including Baker McKenzie (the third largest law firm in the world), Columbia University, 92Y, and others. She has also been featured in VH1, ABC Nightline, Inside Edition, Vanity Fair, The New York Times and many others. Dr. Chloe is also a recognized business leader who understands the stressors and needs of corporations and their teams. She is a 5-year member of the prestigious Entrepreneurs' Organization; and heads a certified woman-owned business.

As a yoga teacher-turned-psychologist, Dr. Chloe’s energetic personality and ability to address sensitive topics in a relatable manner make her a perennial favorite with conference attendees. Dr. Chloe graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University and holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Long Island University. She has taught psychology as an adjunct faculty member of the City University and Long Island University; and she is a member of the American Psychological Association; as well as the National Register of Health Psychologists, which is an organization for psychologists with the highest credentials.

Speech Topics

How to Talk About Anxiety So Youth Will Listen

Educators have long understood what the Surgeon General's report recently confirmed: Our nation's youth are struggling with record levels of anxiety. While educators are not supposed to function as mental health providers, they are often on the frontlines with students having important conversations about anxiety. Educators frequently benefit from having tools to manage their own anxiety, as well as increasing their toolbox of practical, solution-focused techniques to share with students.

Dr. Chloe is a relatable, knowledgeable source offering practical and engaging techniques to help educators prepare for important teachable moments about anxiety. This talk tackles topics including:

  • Learning about the healthy function of anxiety, which is to stimulate preparation behaviors
  • Managing social anxiety over a sudden return to group settings
  • Applying practical tools to convert anxiety into constructive energy for working towards academic or personal goals

This talk is an upbeat way to acknowledge the challenges students and educators are facing, while simultaneously reinforcing strengths and self-efficacy through hands-on activities and memorable takeaways that are geared to build useful skills for students and educators alike!

Goal Getter

Most driven, intelligent people are at least reasonably good at achieving goals. However, sometimes they can get so busy that they lose touch with the emotions around their goals. This can lead to procrastination, burnout, or a lack of fulfillment. This workshop guides attendees to choose a goal and break it down into actionable steps and timelines. Next, attendees will be guided to go beyond traditional goal attainment approaches through exercises to increase emotional awareness and then plan targeted, customized self-care behaviors along their goal path. Layering in the key component of emotional awareness and then planning helpful self-care behaviors not only increases productivity and longevity, it also boosts fulfillment and facilitates deeper connections with others.


  • Attendees will have an action plan for a personal or professional goal with specific objectives to advance them towards their goal

  • Attendees will have a healthy awareness of both the positive and negative emotions related to the individual objectives and the goal overall

  • Attendees will have personalized, healthy self-care plans around their individual objectives and goals in order to A) reduce their odds of procrastinating or burnout; and B) increase their sense of personal fulfillment as they pursue their goal

Stress Management for Leaders

Leaders are typically willing and able to continuously take on new responsibilities, and they are often ready to embrace situations that take them out of their comfort zone. This can be a strength, but it can also become a vulnerability in terms of stress. This workshop helps to reframe stress as a potentially healthy opportunity for growth, while also offering practical ways to reduce or manage stress in the moment. This talk also provides strategies to put boundaries around stress and become intentional about which stressors we're willing to take on as challenges, and which ones we're better off delegating or eliminating altogether. This workshop encompasses both personal and professional stressors, and of course can be customized to be specific to the unique life situations of individual audiences.


  • Attendees will learn techniques to relax the body and mind to combat the unhealthy effects of stress

  • Attendees will learn strategies to proactively manage sources of stress and prioritize stressors that are growth opportunities while decreasing investment in stressors that don't actually offer a good ROI

  • Attendees will explore their relationship with stress and learn to reframe it as part of a healthy growth pattern, thereby reducing "stress about stress"

This talk can also be tweaked for audiences who don’t specifically identify as leaders, with the title, Stress Management to Live Your Best Life.

How to Turn Your Anxiety into a Superpower

This signature talk teaches attendees how to unlock the healthy psychological benefits of anxiety, such as stimulating preparation behaviors, or other constructive self-care behaviors. It offers practical tools based on Dr. Chloe's recent book, Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety, to help attendees experience a powerful perspective-shift around the topic of anxiety. This upbeat and uplifting talk can be customized to include ample opportunities for deep discussion and personal examples volunteered by attendees, or it can be kept on a more information-based level with customized examples pre-created and personalized for your audience by Dr. Chloe, depending on the focus of the event. This helpful talk strikes a healthy balance between A) compassionately recognizing the challenges of anxiety, and B) inspiring and guiding attendees to be proactive around challenges while taking good care of themselves.


  • Attendees will learn how to differentiate between anxiety that calls for “letting go and relaxing” versus anxiety that is actually best alleviated by increasing our mental focus and becoming proactive

  • Attendees will learn up to nine practical tips to channel anxiety effectively in order to simultaneously increase both productivity, fulfillment, and self-care

  • Attendees will learn how to recast anxiety as a potential source of constructive energy and as a driver of self-care, rather than as something to be feared

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