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Dr. Crystal Kuykendall    

Education, Leadership & Public Service Expert; Former Director of National Alliance of Black School Educators

 A critical thinker, analyst, motivator and mentor, Dr. Kuykendall has astounded audiences and individuals through the power of her observations and the warmth of her words. A highly sought after and savvy speaking sensation, she is an engaging educator, human relations expert, legal analyst/litigator, endearing author and loving mother.

Born in Chicago, IL, with very humble beginnings, Dr. Kuykendall graduated from Hyde Park High School with 4 scholarships at the age of 16. She received her B.A. from Southern Illinois University (Carbondale) as a Government major. Through an Assistantship, she graduated from Montclair State University (Montclair, NJ) with a Master of Arts degree in Sociology. Through a Ford Fellowship, she received her Doctorate in Educational Administration from Atlanta University. Always seeking additional avenues for advocacy and service, Dr. Kuykendall received her Juris Doctorate (law degree) from Georgetown University Law Center in 1981 and was admitted to the Bar Association of the District of Columbia after passing the Bar Exam in 1988 on her first attempt.

A former elementary and secondary public school teacher, Dr. Kuykendall has also taught at Seton Hall University and Montclair State University. She is former Executive Director of the National Alliance of Black School Educators. She also served as Director of Urban & Minority Relations for the National School Boards Association and the Director of the Citizens Training Institute for the National Committee for Citizens in Education. Appointed by U.S. President, Jimmy Carter to the National Advisory Council on Continuing Education, she served as Council Chairperson from 1979-1981. She was chosen by the editors of Ebony Magazine as one of the "50 Leaders of the Future" in 1978.

Dr. Kuykendall has been exemplary in leadership, public service and corporate success. She has served on the Board of Directors of Health Power, Inc., Shiloh Baptist Church of Washington's Family Life Center Foundation and the Advisory Board of the Congressional National Youth Leadership Conference and the Education Task Force of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Social Change. In over 25 years of experience and service delivery, she has received over 200 plaques, awards, citations, certificates and "Keys to the City" and numerous tributes and commendations for her efficacy in facilitating personal and professional empowerment, problem resolution and organizational growth.

A Former Executive Director of the National Alliance of Black School Educators, Dr. Kuykendall has also served as a member of the National Youth Leadership Conference as well as the National Education Task Force.

Author of "Developing Leadership for Parent/Citizen Groups" in 1976, Dr. Kuykendall later authored "Improving Black Student Achievement through Enhancing Self-Image" in 1987, and a motivational calendar for low-income parents, "You and Yours: Making the Most of this School Year "(1987 & 1989). Her well lauded book, "From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Black and Hispanic Students", published in 1992, is considered by many a "timeless treasure" and is a national best seller. Her unique publication, "Dreaming of a P.H.A.T. Century" is being used and extolled by winners of all ages.

In 1989, Dr. Kuykendall incorporated her company, Kreative and Innovative Resources for Kids (K.I.R.K.). Through the company she provides long term technical assistance and consultant services to an increasing number of national and international clients through individual endeavors as well as use of a team of expert consultants, when needed.

Since 1990, she has given over 100 speeches annually. Her audiences connect almost instantly with her high energy, charm, charismatic delivery and moving messages. As she weaves her magic behind a microphone, her audiences experience an incredible array of emotions. She not only facilitates self analysis, she also inspires personal and organizational change, growth and powerful results in personal and professional pursuits. It doesn't matter who she addresses, CEO's or custodians, educators or administrators, youth or seniors, public or private employees, the results are the same and audiences give thundering standing ovations wherever she goes.

Mother of two daughters and a son, Dr. Kuykendall has also been a H.O.S.T.S. (Help One Student To Succeed) mentor since 1995 and is a school and church volunteer. One of her daughters, Rasheki M. Kuykendall, received the 2005-2006 Milken Family Foundation National Educator of the Year Award.

Some of Dr. Kuykendall's Topics have included:

• Bringing Out the Best In Everybody

• Principles of Effective Leadership

• Winning Women at Work

• The Contemporary Woman

• From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Unmotivated Students

• Getting "P.H.A.T." on "CPR"

• Achieving Against the Odds

• Policy Development for Effective Change

• The Dynamics of Change

• School Law, Student and Parent Rights

• Teaching the Gifted Underachiever

• ALL Children Can Learn!

• Networking and Mentoring

• Student Discipline and Classroom Management

• Stress Management

• Communicating High Expectations

• Effective Special Education Strategies

• Creating A Climate Most Conducive to Student Achievement

• Identifying Giftedness In "At-Risk" Youth

• Effective Parenting For Today's Youth

• Incommensurability: The Issue Behind School Equity

• Continuing Education: Community Involvement and Access

• Conflict Management Skills

• Tips for A Terrific Tomorrow

• Wellness In A Multicultural Society

• Suicide Prevention

• Violence Prevention In A Violent Society

• Mentoring to Make A Difference

• Dealing With Diversity

• Improving Personal Productivity

• The Joy of Teaching

• Minimizing Racial Conflict

• Meeting Your Full Academic and Work Potential

• Personal Marketing: The Selling of Yourself to Others

Speech Topics

Personal Marketing: The Selling of Yourself to Others

Meeting Your Full Academic and Work Potential

Minimizing Racial Conflict

Improving Personal Productivity

Dealing With Diversity

Mentoring to Make A Difference

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Suicide Prevention

Wellness In A Multicultural Society

Tips for A Terrific Tomorrow

Conflict Management Skills

Continuing Education: Community Involvement and Access

Incommensurability: The Issue Behind School Equity

Creating A Climate Most Conducive to Student Achievement

Communicating High Expectations

Stress Management

Networking and Mentoring

The Dynamics of Change

Achieving Against the Odds

Getting "P.H.A.T." on "CPR"

"Winning Women at Work"

The Contemporary Woman

"Getting Peace, Happiness Affection: Triumphs with Daily 'CPR'."

Effective Parenting For Today's Youth

Policy Development for Effective Change

Violence Prevention In A Violent Society

Student Discipline and Classroom Management

Identifying Giftedness In "At-Risk" Youth

School Law, Student and Parent Rights

Teaching the Gifted Underachiever

ALL Children Can Learn!

Effective Special Education Strategies

Principles of Effective Leadership

"Bringing out the Best in Everybody"

From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Unmotivated Students

The Joy of Teaching

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