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Human Performance Expert & Author

Dr. Jo Lichten, PhD, RDN, CSP is an energy expert for people. Blending the science of peak performance with a healthy dose of reality, she works with organizations to recharge their people for improved performance, health, and safety.

Dr. Lichten has presented 1000+ programs at conferences and companies all over North America and abroad. Her audiences often consist of professionals who have achieved great success in their career - at the expense of their health and personal life. She earned the highly sought after Certified Speaking Professional designation - a title held by less than 12% of all speaking professionals worldwide.

With her doctorate in Adult Education from Texas A&M University, focusing on the area of change management, Dr. Lichten is a skilled communicator who connects with audiences and delivers a message that resonates across job titles and industries.

While Dr. Dr. Lichten's programs are fun and interactive, her programs are based on science. As an accredited health professional (RDN), she has experience working with healthcare, higher education, and corporate clients in many industries including The Advisory Board, Janney, ExxonMobil, Gallo Wine, and the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses.

Dr. Lichten also consulted with Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute for seven years – coaching C-suite executives on how to boost energy and performance while avoiding burnout.

Dr. Lichten is the author of six books including "REBOOT – how to power up your energy, focus, and productivity." Along with writing hundreds of magazine articles, she has also appeared on more than 300 radio and TV shows including CNN and Fox.

Speech Topics

Swimming in a Sea of Priorities

Do you have too much to do and not enough time? Feeling guilty that you don’t spend enough time with your loved ones or on the things you enjoy? In just a short time, you’ll feel more on track with your priorities and less stressed.

How to Stay Healthy & Fit on the Road

According to the National Household Travel Survey, Americans make more than 405 million long-distance business trips per year. Business travel is necessary, but it also takes us out of our routine and can lead to unhealthy and even dangerous lifestyle choices.

A 2011 study of frequent travelers found them to be at an increased risk of fatigue, weight gain, sleep problems, stress and a general lack of fitness that can ultimately have negative (and expensive) health outcomes. This can result in potentially deadly conditions such as stroke, heart attack, and deep-vein thrombosis.

Dr. Jo’s has presented more than 1000 programs to clients including The Advisory Board, Janney, Johnson & Johnson, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, and the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses.

In this fast-paced, interactive breakout, Dr. Jo uses scientific research from her review of over 1000 medical studies and interviews with 100+ traveling executives to offer real-life strategies for improving performance on the road by showing people how to have more energy while reducing the health risks associated with extensive travel.

Dr. Jo is the author of How to Stay Healthy & Fit on the Road. In 1994, she began traveling for her own business and soon found herself falling into the same traps she now shows busy travelers how to avoid. Jo still travels with the same ugly forest green Brigg's & Riley suitcase today as when she started and its lifetime warranty has replaced just about everything but that ugly green color. Unfortunately, no such warranty exists for people - so her message and lessons are more important than ever.

Part Two – Into the Storm: Buckling up for transformational change

While stress is often perceived to be a two-step process (it happens and we respond), there are actually five specific steps that flow from one to another. During part two of Dr. Jo’s program, participants learn how to interrupt/change each of these steps in order to transform negative stress into positive outcomes.

Part One – Eye of the Storm: building resilience in a whirlwind of chaos

When chaos swirls around you like a hurricane, do you get swept up in those winds or manage to stay more grounded than most? In this hands-on program, Dr. Jo works with clients to help them to find their own individual path to personal and professional resilience.

Stormy Weather Ahead: Building resilience and managing stress

Stress happens. It’s a part of life. In fact, stress can be the great motivator, driving us forward to become better at what we do. The trick is to understand the stress and use it as a way forward and not as an excuse to do nothing. This program is designed to help people manage, recover and become more resilient.

What Every Woman Wants: great legs, more energy, and peace of mind

Feeling frumpy, frazzled, and fatigued? It’s no wonder! The average woman is working full time both at work and at home.

Finding the energy to “have it all” is a constant challenge. Fast food, slow kids, and heavy workloads take their toll on all of us. And let’s not even mention the heels!

This fun, funny, and motivational program is based on the real science of nutrition, sleep, and movement and is designed to address the specific challenges faced by 21st-century women.

Dr. Jo uses colorful anecdotes and stories along with scientific research from over 1000 medical studies to show audiences how to feel more relaxed, more in control, and ready to make some simple “no big deal” changes that will make a big difference in every aspect of their lives.

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Fighting Fatigue in the Workplace

With tighter budgets and reduced staff, today’s employees are working harder, faster, and longer than ever before. While technology and time-management techniques make it easier to do more with less, the constant pressure of excessive workloads ultimately results in fatigue and burnout.

The total global cost of fatigue is estimated to be $500 billion) each year. Fortunately, when it comes to tackling fatigue and burnout a bit of prevention can go a long way and result in significant benefits to both the company and those who work for it.

The good news is there are ways for both employers and employees to fight off fatigue in the workplace. In this fast-paced, interactive keynote, Dr. Jo uses scientific research from over 1000 medical studies to offer real-life strategies and best practices companies use to reduce fatigue and burnout.

Reboot: Propelling productivity and performance in the workplace

Energy drives everything – motivation, creativity, and performance. When people focus on generating energy rather than on managing time, they become more productive AND get through each day without feeling completely exhausted. However, in the age of the “Always-On” workplace, employees have become conditioned to think it’s perfectly normal to struggle to get out of bed, experience mid-afternoon brain fog, and feel totally worn out when they get home from work.

It may be common, but it’s not normal.

Employee and management fatigue costs companies over $500 billion in lost productivity each year due to missed work, diminished performance, increased medical costs, accidents, and errors. And it’s completely preventable.

In this fast-paced, interactive keynote, Dr. Jo uses scientific research from her review of over 1000 medical studies to offer real-life solutions that ignite company leaders to initiate, model, and encourage proven strategies for mastering peak performance without risking burnout.

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