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Dr. Jordan Nguyen        

Biomedical Engineer, Creator & Futurist

Dr. Jordan Nguyen is on a mission to improve the lives of as many people as possible. By re-imagining and re-defining the boundaries between human and technological evolution, Jordan is at the forefront of bringing about positive, sustainable and life-altering change.

An internationally renowned engineer for humanity, Dr. Nguyen designs life-changing technologies that are intelligent, futuristic and inclusive, and many of these are made to transform the lives of people with disability.

A passionate advocate for social change, Jordan follows the mantra of: “One Life. Persist to Improve Many”. He whole-heartedly believes that each life has the capacity to improve the lives of many and that this simple yet profound idea can change the world and shape the future.

An inspirational speaker, Dr. Nguyen has a natural ability to translate highly technical concepts and future trends into insightful, entertaining, clear and concise content. In the process, he inspires to ‘throw away the box’ and collaborate universally on the potential of technology for humanity, purpose and positive global impact.

In 2012, Dr. Jordan Nguyen completed a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), having developed a mind-controlled smart wheelchair for people with high-level physical disability. The project, for which Jordan was acknowledged in the Chancellor’s List for the top theses across the University, combined scientific understanding (neuroscience and biological inspiration from nature) with current-day technology (advanced camera systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics) and game-changing thinking, to provide the wheelchair operator with autonomous guidance during navigation.

Jordan’s professional career commenced with a software engineering role at the biggest biomedical company in Australia, in the field of automated test systems where his keen interest in robotics saw him contributing to the company’s first line of premium ventilators before undertaking his own entrepreneurial endeavors to further advance his work in life-changing technologies. Working with major disability charities over the next few years, Jordan has established and managed technology initiatives specifically to improve the quality of life for people living with cerebral palsy and related conditions. He founded Psykinetic, a social business that creates futuristic empowering and inclusive technologies to improve quality of life for people with disability, and beyond. With work ranging biomedical technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, empathetic and human-centered design, virtual reality and augmented reality, the projects created are cutting-edge and ambitious.

But it was as a young man that Jordan’s direction in life was indelibly charted. In a dive gone wrong, he hit his head on the bottom of a swimming pool, and was left confined to bed, unable to move, and fearing permanent damage. Suddenly Jordan found himself considering a life without independence in mobility. Fortunately, Jordan recovered and emerged from the experience with determination and commitment to educate himself about disability and to direct his energies to the not so insignificant challenges that people with a disability face when trying to access necessary equipment and resources that enable independence.

Since that life-defining moment, Jordan has worked with passion and resolve to create new inclusive technologies aimed at improving the quality of life and independence for people with disability, while simultaneously making the connection to the infinite future pathways of global technology and what those pathways might mean for us as humans. Jordan believes that the relationship between humanity and technology is constantly changing and that technology’s role in our lives is becoming more integrated, leading us to a future that is ‘Beyond Superhuman’.

An engaging communicator, with the ability to create instant connections with his audience, Dr. Jordan Nguyen is a TEDx speaker, and has keynoted at prestigious events such as Think Inc., and Wired for Wonder, among many others. He has shared the stage with a number of influential people, including Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and the one person the late Steve Jobs ever worked for.

Jordan has presented internationally at the world’s largest annual biomedical conference, the Engineering for Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC), advocating for greater advances in intelligent assistive robotics to harness the power of the mind and human biological signals to control technology.

His work has been featured in a range of TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper interviews, most notably ABC’s Catalyst and Channel TEN’s The Project. In 2016 Jordan collaborated with the Australian based production company, The Feds, and the ABC to create and present his first TV documentary, Becoming Superhuman. For this he brought together diverse teams to rapidly prototype and develop technology, taking the audience on the exciting journey of agile collaboration and creative thinking to solve some extremely challenging problems.

Dr. Nguyen’s inspirational presentations will resonate with organizations and businesses seeking to understand the big implications of innovative, game-changing technologies and what they mean for dealing with change in the way we live and work. The empathy and human sides of technology is core to these uplifting, educational and thought-provoking talks. In order to build better businesses moving into the future, Dr. Nguyen will guide audiences through both the disruptive challenges and the exciting opportunities we face, and how these will enable people to better connect and communicate in the rapidly evolving world of the 21st century and beyond.

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