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Kevin Freiberg, PhD  

Best-Selling Author, Business Best-Practice Expert on Leadership, Innovation, Accountability and Change

Dr. Kevin Freiberg is the president of a San Diego professional speaking and consulting firm dedicated to equipping leaders for a world of change. For over 25 years, Kevin has been profiling revolutionary business leaders in some of the worlds most innovative companies. He has successfully turned those profiles into roadmaps that help clients create their own revolutionary strategies for growth.

Kevin Freiberg is also the co-author of his latest book "NANOVATION: How a Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big." In his international best seller, "NUTS! Southwest Airlines Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success," Dr. Freiberg uncovered the strategies that created the greatest success story in the history of commercial aviation.

In "NANOVATION," he takes you behind the scenes and shows you how, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, the people of Tata Motors created one of the greatest innovations in the auto industry since the Model-T. The Nano, dubbed "The Peoples Car," is not only a 1 Lakh ($2500 USD) phenomenon that has taken the world by storm; it is a road map for sustained growth and long-term business success.

Kevin and his wife, Jackie Freiberg, are also the authors of "BOOM! 7 Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business-As-Usual!" and "GUTS! Companies that Blow the Doors Off Business-As-Usual."

Recently named one of the Top 30 Best Minds on Leadership by Leadership Excellence Magazine, Dr. Freiberg is among the most influential voices on the speaking circuit today.

Kevin Freiberg has appeared on CNBC, CBS Sunday Morning and the CBS Morning News for his views on the critical links between leadership, corporate culture, innovation and exceptional customer loyalty. He has also appeared on the television series Lessons in Excellence for CNBC India.

His articles and interviews have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Washington Post, Investors Business Daily, India's Economic Times, India's Business Standard, India's Financial Times, and Capital Business & Finance Magazine of Dubai.

Kevin Freiberg helps business leaders better understand the impact of their choices, attitudes and behaviors on employee engagement, corporate culture, innovation, customer devotion and organizational performance. He has challenged corporate leaders all over the world to question the unquestionable, jettison the incumbent mentality, look beyond customer imagination for the next big thing and build companies that are hungry for change.

Speech Topics

Innovate or Perish! - How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Calling All Leaders to Innovate - Leadership & Innovation

The Power of ONE: Being a force for positive change!

Got Guts? Go Nuts! - Building a Culture That Explodes With Passion, Productivity, and Profit

Innovation: Innovate or Perish

WHAT IF someone in your space came up with a product or service that radically outperformed yours and cost half as much? Someone is going to start a revolution that amazes your customers and disrupts your industry. And, they will define the rules by which everyone else must play the game. Why can’t it be you?

It can be you. Find out what happens in companies where people aren’t afraid to question the unquestionable, leaders encourage risk by rewarding intelligent failure, unlikely partnerships lead to ingenuity, and designers look beyond customer imagination for what’s next. Dr. Freiberg demystifies innovation through real-life examples and powerful case studies; he will show your audience how the most innovative companies in the world continually load their pipelines with great ideas. He will demonstrate how limitations can be springboards to creativity and more elegant solutions.

Leadership: Leading a Culture of Innovation

WHAT IF everyone in your organization had the courage to innovate? What if people refused to be held hostage by history and demonstrated an active bias against the status quo? What if a critical mass of people in your business had an unflinching desire to risk more, fail faster and transform new ideas into powerful, elegant solutions?

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