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Dr. Kevin Snyder  

Award-Winning Author and Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Dr. Snyder is an award-winning author and inspirational keynote speaker. His passion and mission is helping leaders at all levels take action to intentionally lead successful and fulfilling lives. Dr. Snyder is an author of seven books, a motivational speaker with over 800 audiences in all 50 U.S. states, and is a coaching consultant to other successful entrepreneurs and companies. He also is an On-Call Faculty member with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) which is consistently ranked in the top 10 for global executive training. He has held professional positions in consulting, higher education administration (most recently serving as Dean of Students for Student Affairs) serving in areas of Orientation, Fraternity/Sorority Life, Student Activities, Academic Advising, Counseling, Residence Life, and other various roles within the K12 environment.

Dr. Snyder has been a motivational speaker for over a decade. His motivational and inspirational keynote programs and breakout sessions for college/university and K12 institutions focus on topics of leadership and character development, values-based goal setting, leading through change, effective communication and more. Dr. Snyder’s corporate and civic group keynote speaker presentations include, but are certainly not limited to, topics of personal leadership empowerment, leadership and motivation in the workforce, transformational change management, effective presentation skills and organizational success.

Earning his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida, Dr. Snyder investigated the impact of self-efficacy on one’s ability to achieve desired goals, helping him become an expert on topics of leadership, persistence, and peak performance. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where he received both Homecoming King and Greek Man of the Year Awards. His Masters degree is from the University of South Carolina where he was awarded Graduate Student of the Year. Additionally, Dr. Snyder is a proud member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity where he served in numerous positions including chapter president, assistant chapter advisor, and national leadership consultant. He is a former staff member aboard Semester at Sea and was selected to appear as a finalist on the invention TV reality show, "Everyday Edisons." Snyder is also a sailing enthusiast, certified sky diver and scuba diver, and is a winner on the game-show "The Price is Right!"

Dr. Snyder authored his first book, "Think Differently!," after realizing that very few books help readers truly understand the power of mental focus. "Think Differently!" contains engaging short stories and applied leadership examples demonstrating how to achieve extraordinary success. The concepts and messages from his first book catapulted his speaking career and also led into another group book project titled, "Ten Keys To Extraordinary Leadership." He recently published a 2nd edition of "Think Differently!" and has initiated a group book series titled, "Leading The Way: Stories of Inspiration and Leadership," that currently has over four volumes.

Speech Topics

The PASSION Project: Inspiring Students To Succeed!

How can I become more enthusiastic about my life and future? Is living my dream possible? What is the true source of leadership and how do I apply it to achieve my goals?

Far and wide, college students everywhere are grappling with these issues and questions everyday. Dr. Kevin Snyder knows the feeling- he’s been there. Kevin nearly dropped out of college due to his own apathy and lack of purpose, but returned to achieve post-graduate degrees, complete leadership research, and invest a career in the field of College Student Affairs. Kevin is a strong proponent of the power of passion and vision, and he believes in all that is possible!

The PASSION Project is a powerfully engaging, highly interactive and passion-filled presentation that helps students independently solve problems such as lack of motivation, absence of direction, and decreased confidence. Empowering students to think bigger than ever before, Kevin will guide students in discovering their authentic desires and goals. Students will also learn why passion is one of the most essential characteristic to lead effectively and influence others for positive change. Once these goals are visible, students will feel motivated to surge ahead with newfound strength and passion, molding their campus community into all it can be, and more!

If you desire a dynamic and authentic presentation that leaves students with a powerful Call-To-Action takeaway, then The PASSION Project is your ideal program to inspire and empower. As always, Kevin is full of fun and energy—students are guaranteed to have fun!

Be Greek…Be Proud!

Be Greek … Be Proud! is designed specifically for collegiate fraternity and sorority student leaders and is an ideal and dynamic presentation for Greek Week events, Greek recruitment programs and Greek leadership activities. This unique and interactive presentation is perfect for engaging, inspiring and even reminding fraternity and sorority members of the incredible and limitless benefits from their affiliation. “Being Greek” is a statement we should all proudly demonstrate throughout the year, not just during Greek Week or as a new member. This engaging program will outline key concepts and ideas that will empower your students to infuse energy, enthusiasm, and possibility into their fraternal communities.

As an initially emphatic “No joiner,” Kevin eventually became a fraternity chapter president and Greek Man of the Year Award recipient. After college he served his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, as a leadership consultant, chapter advisor and international volunteer. Within Student Affairs at numerous institutions, he has also proudly worked as both Greek Advisor and Dean of Students overseeing Greek Life. Through these years of Greek Life experience and entertaining stories, Kevin will infuse thought-provoking humor and enthusiasm in Be Greek…Be Proud! to motivate, entertain, and engage fraternity and sorority members to take action like never before in their chapter, their Greek community and on their campus!

UNSTOPPABLE: A Recipe for College Completion

Earning a college degree is a proud achievement no one can ever take away. Even when ‘life gets in the way’, students still must persist and sacrifice in order to proudly walk across that coveted graduation stage. Yet, what is the recipe for college success since retention rates have historically hovered at best near 50 percent? How do we navigate through the maze and difficult hurdles of the college experience and become UNSTOPPABLE?

In this interactively fun presentation, students will learn several key ingredients that, when combined, are the formula for college persistence, academic achievement and dynamic success. Through his engaging and entertaining delivery style, Kevin outlines his published research on college completion that resulted in 100 percent student retention. Students will feel not only empowered, but also confident about developing an intentional action plan that results in their timely graduation with minimized adversity. UNSTOPPABLE: A Receipt for College Completion challenges, supports and equips students to reach their highest potential and graduate!

EXPLORE AND SOAR: Making Your First Year of College F.U.N.!

You’ve arrived to college… and now what? Where to start, what to do and how to prioritize? You need the right F.U.N. approach to ensure that your college transition puts you on the proper track to EXPLORE & SOAR! In this entertaining, upbeat and interactive presentation, you’ll hear how to FIND your true passion, UNDERSTAND top student success principles and NAVIGATE through classes, clubs and cliques. You will walk away from this powerful presentation feeling empowered about all your campus opportunities and how to make your first year the best year possible!

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