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Dr. Kimberly Harden    

Diversity and Inclusion Speaker, Founder & CEO of Harden Consulting Group, LLC, & Author of The Allyship Challenge™

Dr. Kimberly Harden, the CEO of Harden Consulting Group, is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant. She advises corporate, nonprofit, and academic leaders on their recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion strategies and works with them to resolve interpersonal workplace conflicts. She also helps organizations shift from a traditional diversity model to one that emphasizes diversity, interpersonal communication, and talent management (DEBIT Training™).

An award-winning educator and has more than 10 years of experience serving as a professor of Communication Studies. Dr. Harden was a professor at Seattle University before founding Harden Consulting Group, LLC. She is an acclaimed keynoter who has spoken at numerous conferences, seminars, and events about diversity, equity, belonging, and authenticity in the workplace. She is also the author of the book The Allyship Challenge, which discusses being actively engaged in promoting the rights of historically marginalized groups.

Dr. Harden is passionate about justice, leadership, care, and transformation. In 2022, she received the Innovative Response to Social Justice Award from the Commission of Social Justice Educators; the Martin Luther King, Jr. Spirit Award for Community, Equity, and Social Justice from Washington State University; and the Alumni Award for Excellence in Mentoring from the University of Washington.

Dr. Harden received her undergraduate degree in Communication from the University of Washington, a master’s degree in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Concordia University. Dr. Harden agrees with Aristotle’s assertion that “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

Speech Topics

The Allyship Challenge™

Ask yourself what it means to be an “ally.” Do you fully understand the word’s meaning, or are you jumping on another verbal bandwagon to fit in? It is easy for us to announce ourselves as “allies,” but “ally” is nothing more than an empty buzzword. Assuming the role of an “ally” is not enough. We need to be stewards and protectors for those who experience discrimination. In other words, if we want to transform society, we need to be Advocates and Accomplices. The Allyship Challenge™ workshop will explain the difference between an ally, an advocate, and an accomplice and explain the steps on how to advance to each level.

Attendee Results:

  • Understand the Ally–Advocate–Accomplice framework.
  • Reflect on experiences of internalized superiority/inferiority and power dynamics.
    • Learn how to take the Allyship Challenge.

Sick and Tired, Tired and Sick: My Experience with Racial Battle Fatigue

Racism is killing people, and it almost killed me. Racism is not just the significant atrocities discussed by the mainstream media. Many people, like award-winning diversity, inclusion, and equity strategist and CEO Dr. Kimberly Harden, struggled with racial battle fatigue: the physical and psychological toll of dealing with a constant barrage of discrimination and racist acts and attitudes.

Attendee Results:

  • Learn how racial battle fatigue manifests itself
  • Understand the negative impact institutional and systemic racism has on one's health, workplace, finances, and education.
  • Learn strategies to overcome racial battle fatigue.
  • Learn how to dismantle the systems that cause racial battle fatigue.

Removing the Mask: Being Your Authentic Self in the Workplace

The microaggressive command, “Bring your authentic (or whole) self to work,” is often spewed at people of color and women. It is an interesting command for several reasons and, unfortunately, it doesn't apply to ALL employees.

Attendee Results:

  • Understand what authenticity is and why it’s vital to the workplace
  • Learn the four main barriers to authentic expression
  • Learn how to embrace your authentic self and how to support and encourage others’ authentic expression
  • Learn how a corporate culture of curiosity, compassion, and collaboration leads to workplace authenticity

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