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Dr. Leslie Pasco      

Lifestyle Dentist & Practice Management Consultant

Dr. Leslie Pasco, the Lifestyle Dentist, is a general dentist, practice management consultant, and public speaker. Always passionate about improving the health and wellness of others, Pasco’s goal is to make your practice work for you, rather than you working for it. The dental industry is facing mounting challenges; from rising costs and student loans to complicated insurance claims, today’s dentists are under a lot of stress. It doesn’t take long for your profession to run wild and take over your life. Overburdened and financially-stretched dentists have a harder time buying their own businesses, being paid what they’re worth, and building the kind of life they want. When that happens, you and your patients suffer. Pasco helps you take back control of your practice and your life. She teaches her students and lecture attendees how to grow their businesses, break free from the grip of insurance companies, help more patients, earn more money, and afford more time to live the lifestyles they want. She teaches from a place of experience. Pasco grew her patient list to over 27,000 people, brought in associates and specialists to improve care, collected more than $4 million annually, and overall grew her private practices to 7.5X in gross revenue. Additionally, Pasco has completed over 25 on-site office flips with increases in production and collections of up to 50%. Pasco now speaks all over North America at study clubs and conferences alike, including those put on by the AAWD: American Association of Women Dentists, the ADI: Aesthetic Dental Institute, and MGE: Management Group Experts.

Speech Topics

5 Steps to Success in Dentistry

This interactive, 90-minute presentation is all about the Five Steps to Success in Dentistry. Why are some dentists more successful and happier than others? What is the one thing dentists are doing that is killing new patient numbers in their practice and sabotaging productivity? How do you survive the era of big box dentistry? To answer these questions, we’ll discuss topics like adopting the right mindset for success, building the right team to support success, organizing and systemizing the dental practice for productivity, and preparing the dentist for the future of dentistry. This presentation applies to any dentist in any phase of his or her career.

Dental Office Organization Workshop

The biggest problem in a dental office is the lack of organization and systems that can keep the office efficiently busy and productive. Lack of efficiency and productivity is the key contributor to staff problems, but when efficiency and productivity increase, the team is happier—and so are your patients! This workshop discusses overall organization as well as systems for hiring, training, phones, case acceptance, financial management, scheduling, dental care delivery, follow-ups and increasing referrals and online reviews. Plus, I include a special bonus plan to increase hygiene productivity! This workshop is for the dentist and dental office team at any level.

Case Acceptance Made Easy

Why do some patients do what you say while others do exactly the opposite? Most dentists believe their case acceptance is fine, but the truth is, it’s not—and this is a problem. What is the one thing that dentists are doing that is killing case acceptance and new patient numbers? In this easy-to-understand seminar, we’ll use simple, applicable steps the dentist and his or her team can use to find a solution to the mystery of increasing case acceptance and helping more patients get on the road to better dental health. This seminar is interactive and when attendees are finished, they know exactly what to do at their very next case presentation in order to get a YES! When your patients say YES, everybody wins. Every team member is a part of case acceptance, so this interactive seminar is for any dentist at any phase in his or her career as well as any team members.

Your Practice, Your Retirement

One of the biggest problems dentists face today is not knowing how to turn their dental practice into a retirement plan that can support their ideal retirement lifestyle. According to the ADA, the average retirement age for a dentist is just before turning 70, and with dental insurance manipulating the industry, dentists are now working harder, longer hours and getting paid less. The solution to this epidemic is to know how to use your practice as a retirement strategy. This presentation will uncover the secret formula to getting out of chairside dentistry and into retirement while still generating a revenue stream from your practice to your retirement fund. Seamless associate integration, power employees, and patient satisfaction are key features in this presentation for the dentist looking to cut back, slow down, and retire—or the dentist looking at entrepreneurship and/or multiple location options.

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