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Dr. Mark Therrien  

Humorous Motivator With a Message

Mark Therrien helps people take better care of themselves and helps organizations take better care of their customers. In this hurried world, it is essential to our sanity and productivity that we stay connected to our laughter and our joy. Mark Therrien helps people create joyful workplaces where people "want" to be rather than "have" to be.

Mark has been teaching "people skills" since he taught at the medical college at the University of Hawaii in 1975. He taught rapport-building skills to physicians so they could get better medical histories and improved patient compliance.

It worked. It worked so well the Journal of Medical Education published Mark Therrien's research. Since then he has taught thousand of people in corporations, healthcare, and education systems, because no matter what our job, we all need the skills to build.

Mark's education and background in psychology and social work make him uniquely qualified as a presenter. During the time he lived in Hawaii, in addition to teaching at the medical college, he was in a private psychotherapy practice and on a face-to-face suicide intervention team. It was during the latter that Mark learned the importance of laughter in good mental health. He has been published in other professional journals including Psychiatry and Surgical Services Management.

Mark Therrien will keep them laughing as he illustrates how important a lighthearted attitude is for successful living and relationships. Therrien works with clients in business, healthcare and education because "how we treat people" is important to all the groups. He has been a member of the National Speaker's Association since 1986.

All of Mark Therrien's presentations, while providing good solid content, will be fun and funny, because he strongly believes that people learn better when they are involved and having fun. His multimedia presentations are very funny, but Mark Therrien is not a comedian. His wonderful collection of stories and slides… some funny, some hilarious, and some that might bring a tear… contain messages that can change the way we see ourselves, the way we work, and the way we live.

Most Requested Topics:

*The Power of Positive Insanity…The Healing Power of Laughter: This presentation focuses on how laughter can help us manage the stress in our lives, create rapport with all those with whom we need rapport, and help us handle the inevitable tough times in our work and personal lives.


*Living & Working With a Joyful Heart: Everything is moving so fast, so much change, so many choices, doing more with less. And the pace just seems to increase! We've got cell phones, pagers, and laptops, but do we really feel more connected? It's easy to lose our perspective about what is important in our life. This fun and funny session can help you put life back in perspective.


*The Power Of YES!!! Embracing Change, Fear, Risk Excitement and Joy in Our Work and Our Lives: In these times of unrelenting change, it has never been more important for people to have positive attitudes towards change. Learn how to embrace change and take risks to enhance your personal and professional wellness. Change can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed. We can fight change or we can embrace change. We don't always get to decide if change comes, but we do get to choose if we ride it with fear and white knuckles or with curiosity and excitement. This presentation would help people to look at their own orientation to personal and organizational change.


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Speech Topics

The Power of Positive Insanity

Laughing on Purpose

Putting the Fun in Customer Service (and Your Life!)

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