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Dr. Michael Evans  

Health Care & Medical Expert

Dr. Michael Evans received his BA in English Literature from McGill University and his MD from McMaster University. He is a family physician and runs a busy inner-city practice and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family & Community Medicine.

Dr. Evans is currently launching The Health Media & Innovation Lab at the new Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael's Hospital. This will be the first centre of its kind in Canada and will bring together leaders in innovation, design, media, technology and marketing with clinicians and researchers to improve patient education and self-care.

Dr. Evans' is the health columnist for the Life section of the Globe & Mail, a regular commentator on the CBC Newsworld and the Chief Editor of the Province of Ontario's health website for the public, HealthyOntario.com, which won the "Webby" for "best government website in the world".

Dr. Evans launched the renowned Mini-Med School at the University of Toronto in 2004. The Mini-Med School graduates 1000 laypeople annually after attending five interactive weekly sessions with the University's best speakers on medicine. The program has been made into a series for TVO, featured weekly in the Toronto Star, Maclean's, the Globe & Mail, and CBC radio. Dr. Evans won the 2007 "Healthy U of T" award for the impact of the program on the Toronto community.

Dr. Evans holds many past and current positions regarding knowledge translation to front line clinicians, consumers, and policy makers. He is a founding member of the Centre for Effective Practice, was chair of the provincial guideline service (OPOT), Scientific Officer for Knowledge Translation and Exchange at the Canadian Institute for Health Research, is a member of the Canadian Expert Drug Advisory Committee and Vice-Chair of the Canadian Optimal Medication and Utilization Service.

Finally, Dr. Evans is Chief Editor of the 2006 Mosby Family Practice Sourcebook, the fastest selling textbook for front-line clinicians in Canada, and founder of Health Knowledge Central.

Dr. Evans is asked to speak and present internationally on a variety of topics that intersect around primary care, knowledge management, evidence-based medicine, and consumer self-management.

  1. The Made to Order, Mini Med School

    A multi-media, interactive presentation designed to increase awareness and inspire action toward personal health care, prevention and well being.


  1. Health 2.0: How Medicine, Media, Personal Decisions, Behaviours, and Stories are Creating a Whole New Way of Navigating Health Care

    In this talk Dr. Mike Evans draws on the breadth of his experience, from seeing patients in a busy urban practice, to founding the Mini-Med School at the University of Toronto, to his role as chief editor of the provincial health portal, health columnist for the Globe and Mail newspaper, and health advocate, influencing federal and provincial policy and research initiatives. These experiences are now fusing with the launch of the Health Media & Innovation Lab at the new Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute where Dr. Evans is leading a "collaboratory" to revolutionize the way people make health decisions. By bringing together media companies, designers, filmmakers, expert patients, policy makers, researchers, marketers, and clinicians, the HMIL will create and evaluate knowledge therapy. Participants will learn how web 2.0 makes a difference, how stories trump data, AND, how relationships trump stories.


  1. The Science of Making Everyday People Have Better Lives

    In this talk Dr. Mike Evans looks not at the science of what makes clinically depressed or anxious people better, but instead walks us through what makes us typical - up and down, sometimes blowing it, sometimes nailing it, usually OK, but sometimes not, second guessing, wish we were exercising more - average people even better. What does the research say about resilience, happiness, love, peers, stress, and your neighbourhood? Come find out.


  1. Getting the Best Second Opinion from Dr. Google

    In this wild and wooly multimedia tour, Dr. Mike Evans leads you through the best virtual destinations for the best medical advice. Common conditions (e.g. back pain, insomnia, weight loss, stress management, joint pain, addiction, etc.), prevention, diagnosis, are all touched upon. Dr. Evans draws on his experience as Director of the Health Media & Innovation Lab, Chief Editor of the provincial health portal, HealthyOntario.com, and founding director of Mini-Med School to guide you to the best quality sites from around the world.


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