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Dr. Michael K. Cundall, Jr.  

Engagement & Leadership Speaker; Author of "The Humor Hack" & Founder of Mirth Management,

Dr. Cundall is a speaker, author, and university professor. His talks focus on improving leadership and engagement by focusing on using the power of humor. His recent books focus on helping people learn how to use humor to better improve their work life, engagement. He has given talks to the US Army on Humor and Leadership, medical organizations on the importance of humor for patient and provider, as well as other talks focusing on creativity, marketing, and unit morale. His research has been published in leading academic journals as well as on industry websites. He has been featured on podcasts discussing the importance of humor in leadership, teaching, and corporate culture. His talks are unique, engaging, and fun.

Speech Topics

Why The Best Leaders Lead with a Joke

Leaders who know how to use humor, who are confident enough to share what they find funny with others, who share humor with others are more effective. Their companies have less burnout, less turnover, and have workers that are more resilient, healthier, and more engaged. Some of the best and most engaging leaders knew how to use humor. Leaders that know how and when to use humor are simply better leaders.

Attendee Outcomes:

  • Attendees will know why humor is an important leadership tool
  • Attendees will learn how and when to use humor
  • Attendees will understand the effects humor has on those around them-And finally, attendees will enjoy and laugh during the presentation

Simple, Fun, and Easy Ways to Increase Engagement

Disengagement has remained high for years. Some have it as high as 80% of the workforce. The Great Resignation should not have been a surprise nor should the high levels of turnover. People routinely feel separated from their work and the people they work with. We continue to make work less enjoyable and less engaging. But we can fix it with some basic easy steps. The first thing to realize is that humor is one of the easiest, most enjoyable, and effective ways to help build a culture of engagement--where people are more resilient, healthier, and who overall find more enjoyment and fulfillment in their work.

Attendee Outcomes:

  • Attendees will learn about the research showing humor's positive effects on engagement
  • Attendees will learn what humor is and how it works
  • Attendees will learn how they can use humor effectively as a leader or employee to improve engagement

The Humor Hack: Getting Past Procrastination, Lack of Motivation, and Laziness

Research now shows that procrastination, lack of motivation, and laziness are not problems of character. They are actually the result of negative thoughts that impede us from getting to the task at hand. We can overcome these thoughts by interrupting the cycles of bad thoughts and emotions through the careful use of humor.

Attendee Outcomes

  • Attendees will learn why procrastination, laziness, and lack of motivation are not character flaws, but responses to unhealthy patterns.
  • Attendees will learn how to use humor to interrupt those patterns and reduce the effects of laziness and procrastination.
  • Attendees will leave with a better sense of how and what can more effectively motivate them.

Our Unhealthy Relationship with Work: Laughter is Not the Opposite of Seriousness, Humor is Not the Opposite of Work

Ask anyone if they've ever worked somewhere where there wasn't much laughter and humor. They'll tell you it was awful. But the fact remains that humor and laughter are often discouraged in most organizations. This is simply wrong and we know it. We need to work to create atmospheres where levity and laughter are encouraged. This talk shows people why laughter and humor are so important to a meaningful life, and how they can achieve that.

Attendee Outcomes:

  • Learn why we have such an unhealthy relationship with work
  • Learn why that view has lead to the high levels of disengagement that we see across workplaces
  • Learn how they can start to work against these patterns to increase the levity and laughter in their lives.

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