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Dr. Shini Somara        

Mechanical Engineer; BBC Science Reporter; STEM Specialist

Dr. Shini Somara transforms cutting-edge science into warm-hearted, captivating TV. She can be seen on BBC One in the UK, but has also spent a couple of years based in Los Angeles, hosting TechKnow for Al Jazeera America. She has always loved reporting on pioneering technology and innovation for a variety of other networks including BBC World News, BBC America, Sky and Discovery.

Somara began her career as a mechanical engineer, completing a Bachelors of Engineering and then an Engineering Doctorate at Brunel University, London, which she completed when she was only 24 years old. Somara specialized in fluid dynamics, which allowed her to use computers to 'visualize the invisible'. Using her expertise, she could advise engineers on how air would flow over aircraft wings, Formula 1 cars, and within high-rise buildings, for example.

Dr. Somara's passion for innovation is diverse. She has covered technology stories on subjects including food, climate change, space, health and medicine. She enjoys discovering and understanding how new technologies work and relaying what she learns to others; it's a habit she developed growing-up in a science-focused household. She feels it's her duty to pass on her enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), particularly to youngsters, as her father did for her. She hopes she can encourage students to follow their own passions and interests, fulfilling their own unique potential.

To build her knowledge and experience in communicating science on a mass scale, Somara gained skills behind the camera too, working for a variety of independent production companies including Oxford Scientific Films, Windfall Films and RGB Digital. Her wide range of career experiences have taught her skills in analytics, rationalization, researching, producing and post-production; all of which have proved invaluable to her on-screen presence.


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