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dr. Tine Wilde  

An inspiring Package Tour of philosophy ánd visual art.

Tine Wilde studied autonomous art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. In 2008 she obtained a doctorate from the same university for a multidisciplinary research project in philosophy and art. Her artistic output, consisting mainly of installations and performances, has been on view in galleries and institutions at home and abroad. For instance in Amsterdam (Arti et Amicitiae, University Library), Bonn (FrauenMuseum), Cologne (Rheinpark) and Strasbourg (Acta). Work is included in various public and private collections. She writes articles and books on visual art and philosophy and she delivers presentations, lectures and Master classes on a regular base.

Tine Wilde investigates facts and values concerning social practices and cultural attitudes, starting from the presupposition that the purpose of philosophy as well as visual art is to enrich ourselves and the world. Both disciplines are about bringing something to consciousness in such a way that we are able to open up and assign meaning to ourselves and the world. As a result, questions are more important to her than answers: questions about the autonomy of the individual, our rules and methods, the role of the artist in society, our subjective and collective memories.

In an intriguing, challenging and sometimes humorous way Wilde calls into question the choices made and the solutions accepted, in which we show which aspects of reality are important to us and how we communicate what we value; how these values determine our (cultural) identity.

As of 1990 Wilde carries out her inquiries into something she calls ‘installationPackages’. A Package consists of several installations, performances and text in which one concept is elaborated from different points of view. For example, in Package Rhine (1990-1992) the investigation focused for more than two years on the concept of Life quality. Or Package Do not Erase (2004-2008) in which a philosopher’s room was subject of inquiry for an investigation into the concept of Meaning. Sometimes local inhabitants, scholars or passers-by are invited to actively participate. But at all times her research circles, like a Package Tour, one specific concept. More information about the Packages can be found on her website: www.tinewilde.com

In her dissertation and artist book Remodel[l]ing Reality she presented a new perspective on the art of installation, in which an installation is conceived as ‘Testimonial’. At the moment she has embarked on a postdoctoral research trajectory that builds on the idea of Testimonial, focusing on an inquiry into change processes. We all know we have to change, but are in the dark in what way and to what extent. Art helps us find a way from a future driven point of view. Philosophy offers us a reflective connection with our tradition. Together they form a powerful resource for clues on how and in which directions the changes should take place.

In her lectures Tine Wilde discusses issues concerning inspiration and transformation, tradition and talent, the role of philosophy and art in our everyday life, vision and variety, complexity and clarity, art and knowledge. The lectures are accompanied by performance, pictures of installations and/or slide show.


  • Innovation

  • Creativity

  • Renewal

  • Inspiration and transformation

  • The role of philosophy and art in our everyday life

  • Vision and variety

  • Complexity and clarity

  • Art and knowledge

  • Wittgenstein


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