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Dr. Vladimir Liubarov  

The coach of Olympic champions in business

Vladimir Liubarov is a highly experienced and successful entrepreneur, one of the most sought-after Russian-speaking business gurus. He has been successfully working in the sphere of consulting for over eight years and has achieved impressive results. Dr. Liubarov has been in charge of major businesses, restructuring and socially oriented projects in large-scale enterprises. As a result of his work, the companies’ income has stabilized and increased considerably. Among his list of clients are “Novyi proekt”(New project), the leading company of professional trading and catering equipment market in Ukraine; SITES, the leading company of the security systems in Ukraine; Torgovyi dom Kievskogo kartonno-bumagnogo kombinata”(Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill firm), the market leading company in Ukraine in the paper industry; and Skoma, the leading company of metal hose production in Russia.

Vladimir Liubarov has been in business since 1992 and is currently a co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of several large-scale companies, which are engaged in various activities in the spheres of real estate, production, building and services. Since 2001 Vladimir Liubarov has been the owner and the President of "Intellect Industry Corporation“ in Europe, Russia and Ukraine. "Intellect Industry Corporation“ successfully works in the sphere of organizational and management consulting.

Vladimir Liubarov has four degrees and an academic degree. His first degree was in Mechanical Engineering from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. His second a Master’s degree in State management from The Academy of State Management of Ukraine. His third Master’s degree was in Project Management and became an international project manager of ‘D’ level at the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. After these degrees he earned a postgraduate degree in psychology at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev. Vladimir Liubarov also has a PhD in state management and wrote his PhD thesis on branch management. The authorized representative of management in the sphere of quality. Since 2002 he is also an associate professor of the “Project management” at the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. His main profession is a businessman, his calling –business coaching, his job – is “breeding” wealthy people and companies that become leaders in their fields.

He is neither a business consultant, nor a business trainer. He never answers any questions, he prefers asking them in the correct way. His occupation is to create successful business “clothing”. He is often called the coach of Olympic champions in business, the master of essence-finding, the expert in development plans preparing, reaching and keeping leading positions. Mr. Liubarov himself is of opinion that his one and only job is to help others to do the decision-making. People are ready to travel to another continent in order to be present at Mr. Liubarov`s open conferences. Each meeting with him holds a chance, as he is like no other excellent at searching, finding and removing the obstacles that impede your progress. He is a pointer to indicate the client’s very own choice. The choice that leads to success.

Over 24 thousand people are e-subscribers of Mr. Liubarov`s books. His anti-crisis plan “Through the CrisisTM” has helped numerous companies not only to minimize the damage, but also to increase profit. The reason is that in case all techniques are followed, not reaching the result is virtually impossible. For more information about his masterclasses,for a preview about the stages of the crisis development approaches and for a preview about the symptoms of crisis behavior by consumers and organizations.

Cooperation with Mr. Liubarov features no haggling, doubts or expectations. Just as ‘tomorrow’ and ‘later’ simply don’t exist, it is only ‘now and here’ that matter.


  • Through the Crisis™ – business and company management at the time of the market crisis

  • The system of resources supply MORE™ – the system of ensuring business growth in case of resources shortage

  • The Boost of sales™ – the program of the effective increase of sales

  • To fire the Boss™ – managing system, the system of effective release of the owners and Chief Executives

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Strategy and execution

  • Corporate management

  • Marketing and communication

  • Sales and client management

  • Strategic innovation

  • Motivation and personal development

  • Human resources management

  • Directive skills and leadership

  • Team work


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