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Dr. Will Miller        

Educator, Psychotherapist, Author & Humorist; Authority on Stress & Coping; Ethics & Social Media Professor at Purdue University

Dr. Will Miller has lived his life managing his own complicated issues. But he has also earned five graduate degrees, worked for 25 years as a psychotherapist, and has spent a decade as a stress consultant for police officers. He’s trained as an addictions counselor, is a certified trauma professional and an ordained minister.

On a lighter note, Miller spent 15 years as a night club comedian & 20 years as a corporate speaker and entertainer.

Speech Topics

The Loneliness Solution!

The United States Surgeon General has issued an alarm that the crisis of loneliness is the most significant health urgency in modern American life. Dr. Will has been researching and speaking about this growing problem for a decade and it is documented in his best selling book ‘Refrigerator Rights: Creating Connections and Restoring Relationships” written with his Purdue University colleague Dr. Glenn Sparks. His presentation focuses on the unique American habit of serial relocation and then failing to rebuild necessary close relationships. The presentation hits home as both diagnosis and prescription for returning to a connected and happy life, no matter your age and stage. The presentation is funny, as only a professional standup comedian can deliver, and based on state of the art science and experience. A penetrating hour!

Group Therapy: Find Your Path to Happiness & Mental Health! Dr. Will’s One Hour Healing Session

Where do people go when mental health treatment resources are scarce or not available? With wait lists of months and more to see a professional for help with anxiety and depression, people are suffering in silence, trying to cope until a resource opens up. But this doesn’t mean that people can’t experience symptom relief in the interim. Dr. Will Miller teaches and treats professionals in high stress careers. He is a certified P.T.S.D. clinician who serves critical care professionals including law enforcement and first responders. His presentation, based on science and experience, offers strategies that provide immediate relief for people’s anxiety and depression symptoms. His experience with front line professionals brings triage to help people return to mental and physical calm in the interim. His keynote, delivered live or virtually, offers the latest neuroscience has to offer. A therapist with years of experience, Will is a former professional standup comedian and television personality. Your group will learn, change and laugh. It’s a wonderful hour with solid takeaways for all.

Mobility & Technology: An American Health Crisis

America’s mental health crisis affects every segment of the population. Anxiety and depression are at all time highs and include children, teens and adults. And every organization feels the strain on their workers. Schools and and families are wrestling with the debilitating symptoms affecting not just life functions but gratification and happiness in general. Making matters worse is the national shortage of mental health helping professionals. People are waiting for months for an appointment with a counselor or therapist. What to do in the meantime?

As a graduate instructor teaching social media effects at Purdue University Will brings a unique diagnosis to our broad psychological and social problems. The combination of relocation and technology has stripped Americans of the relationship relationships necessary for thriving. Hear him share his research, insights and theories about America’s divide and discord, as well as the solutions available to recover peace and happiness. His presentation is engaging and humorous. His best selling book “Refrigerator Rights: Creating Connections and Restoring Relationships” offers the reliable prescription for human functioning and happiness. Based on over twenty years of research and clinical practice with his Purdue colleague Dr. Glenn Sparks, this enjoyable and engaging presentation will bring insight and laughter. And importantly, a long term solution for the distress we all feel. A great experience for everyone.

Becoming a Resilient Educator: Tools for Teacher Life Balance

Making a choice to become a teacher is done with enthusiasm and optimism. It’s a true calling to teach and serve children. And while most enter the profession aware that there are challenges, it can be a demoralizing experience when actually facing the issues that can sour the job and dampen the enthusiasm. The list is long: pressures over testing, absent parents, hovering parents, lack of preparation time, salary pressure, data collection and on and on. Now add your personal life issues. So what helps? What works? Dr. Will’s presentation, filled with research insights and humor, guides teachers into new areas of self care and a renewal of energy even while coping with this noble work. He is a stress and trauma authority with years of counseling experience with other high pressure professions including law enforcement and first responders. Will specializes in the self care for professionals in education! The audience will gain a reset of attitude and experience encouragement to recalibrate the balance between the job and home.

Host & Emcee

Will was a nationally touring standup comedian for twenty years. No one is better equipped to host and lead your event! And Will is easy to work with when managing high maintenance personalities on site!

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