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Drew Allen Miller  

Drew is an innovation strategist who teaches organizations how to make innovation a core competency.

Drew Allen Miller is a business strategist who believes the success of any endeavor depends on creative leadership. His approach to business development has been used in startups as well as Fortune 500 firms. And his business projects, marketing concepts, and architectural designs have won over 100 major awards. He teaches organizations how to make innovation a core competency using their existing resources (their employees).

Drew founded and operated several successful companies: including a marketing company, an advertising design firm, and a real estate development corporation. He was an adjunct professor for four years at Penn State University teaching innovation and marketing to graduate students.

And for the past 27 years, Drew has been publisher of  Board Report® - writing a series of monthly newsletters, surveys, and business reports about innovation, creative leadership, marketing design, and corporate creativity. He is also a contributing editor to several national publications.

Drew serves as judge for many business design competitions, including both the 2004 and the 2005 “Global Innovation Challenge” - the world’s largest business innovation competition.

His architectural designs range from the restoration of a single historic building to the redevelopment of a whole city block. He has also developed the concept and design for a highly successful 62-acre theme park.

He played a major role in the renaissance of a capital city - helping take it from being three months from bankruptcy, and being listed second from the bottom of the list of most distressed cities in the United States - to winning the coveted “All America City” award for two consecutive years.

Drew has served on a variety of boards: corporate, utility, university, association, and community organizations. Among these were the Pennsylvania State Chamber (two terms), Capital Region Chamber, Harrisburg Steam Works, Penn State University, and MetroArts.

He was a delegate to the Governor’s Conference on Small Business; a founding board member of the Pennsylvania Small Business Council; and served on the Executive Council of the Office of Business and Economic Development.

Drew presented expert testimony at hearings in Washington. He was also invited to a special briefing with the President where he got an opportunity to share his views on business.

Drew was named Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s first Business Leader of the Year, and is listed in the British Registry of International Leaders of Achievement. He is an outspoken advocate for corporate creativity, business innovation, and effective leadership and often gives seminars and keynotes.  Because he brings a profound sense of creativity to the world of business, he is affectionately referred to as... “Creativity’s Chairman of the Board.”


Creative Leadership

What Got You Here Won't Get You There!

This is, by far, Drew’s most requested program. It contains the essential elements from all of his other programs and gives audiences a complete set of tools and techniques they can use immediately and share with their team members. In this personalized program, Drew first recognizes and honors the achievements of the audience. He alerts them to the challenges ahead and then teaches the tips, tools, and techniques needed to quickly overcome those challenges. The core concept presented is Drew’s unique process called Strategic Ideation®. Drew reveals the Power-Traits used by today’s Creative Leaders. These are the traits that separate the Creative Leader from the conventional leader. Drew also shares his unique process for generating powerful ideas on demand. It’s an amazingly bold, yet simple, process for instantly solving old problems and tackling new chalenges. By the end of the program, attendees are motivated to rise to their challenges and are inspired to seek creative solutions for productive results. This is a perfect program for organizations that need to encourage “outside the box” thinking. It rapidly moves them past old paradigms that impede them from capturing the lead. The heart of this program is Drew’s popular Creative Success System™.

Everyday Innovation

Mastering the Art of In-house Innovation

Drew is no stranger to business innovation. He founded four successful business and worked closely with many innovative leaders in developing programs to move them to industry leadership. He says the key to any organization’s success today is its ability to innovate on a consistent basis. And the easiest way to do that is to tap your most powerful idea resource – your employees. As a publisher, Drew has the rare opportunity to interviewing many of today’s most innovative business leaders. And what he’s learned is of immense importance to the business community. He’s now developed his innovation research into a 3-part Innovation System™. It teaches anyone how to turn ideas into “I-did-its!” And it has produced more than 100 award-winning results. This one-of-a-kind program will rapidly move your organization beyond the front line.

Creativity At Work

Managing Human Imagination in the workplace

Winning organizations recognize the value in ideas from their employees. They know that 78% of the ideas behind today’s innovations are now coming from employees. Studies show the average worker generates 30 powerful ideas every day! Yet few businesses know how to capture them. Drew says it takes a creative culture that encourages employees to generate a constant flow of fresh ideas, plus an easily-managed process for evaluating and moving those ideas upstream. Unfortunately, many organizations make the process too complex. It needs to be so simple as to become a part of the daily routine. Drew teaches you how in his simple program called Managing Human Imagination™. Simplicity is the key with this program. No need to purchase expensive idea management systems. Drew shows how something as simple as changing the name on the Suggestion Box to “Idea Box” can have dramatic effects. Drew shares what many of our nation’s most innovative businesses are doing to get ahead of today’s brutal competition. This is the kind of program that will have you saying: “We should have done this sooner.”

Managing Change

From the Inside Out!

Most organizations resist change. They get stuck in “yesterday thinking” - hoping somehow things will magically go back to the way they where. Forget it! It’s not going to happen. Change is inevitable. It can also be a huge opportunity - if you can embrace change sooner. It is the engine that drives innovation! Unfortunately, most organizations don’t change until the pain of not changing becomes greater than the pain of changing. But by then it’s too late… the damage has been done. And playing catch-up is the worst way to start your workday. What’s needed now is a way for everyone to understand the value, as well as the importance, of doing things a new way. To do that, they need to be motivated from the inside out. Drew teaches his process of self-motivation called Core Motivation™ which shows attendees how to motivate themselves from the inside out. They soon recognize the unique value they can bring to an organization when they become a part of the solution - not the problem! The fundamental lesson that Drew teaches is that change is not the problem. It’s our resistance to change. Change is the opportunity! And he inspires a “Go-For-It” attitude.

Maverick Marketing

The Secret to Creating Award-winning Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Organizations are now facing huge hurdles in getting their message out. Marketing has become a sea of clutter, with the average person being bombarded with 3,000 marketing messages every day, plus being exposed to 1,200 trademarks. For more than 20 years, Drew has been publishing a series of newsletters about marketing, advertising, and organizational innovation. He also serves as judge for national and international creative marketing competitions. All this exposes him to the “best of the best” in marketing concepts. And it gives him a unique opportunity to interview many of the world's most creative professionals. In the process, he’s discovered the secret behind Madison Avenue’s award-winning creativity. Drew reveals that’s secret in his unique Matrix System™. It’s a system that lets anyone produce award-winning marketing and innovation on a shoe-string budget. Prepare yourself for a program unlike anything you’ve experienced.

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