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Dwinita Mosby Tyler    

Equity Advocate, TED Speaker & Author

Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler is the Chief Catalyst and Founder of The Equity Project, LLC – an organization designed to support organizations and communities in building diversity, equity and inclusion strategies; and the founder of The HR Shop, LLC - a human resources firm designed to support non-profits and small businesses.

She is the former Senior Vice President and Chief Inclusion Officer for Children’s Hospital Colorado, also the first African American woman to hold that position in the organizations 100+ year history. In addition, held the title as the Executive Director of the Office of Human Resources for the City and County of Denver, also being the first African American woman to hold that position in the 63+ year history of the agency.

Dr. Mosby Tyler, a consultant accredited by the Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence and recipient of the Cornell University Diversity & Inclusion certification, is nationally recognized for her equity work with non-profit, community, government and corporate organizations.

Dr. Mosby Tyler holds a doctorate in the field of Organizational Leadership, a Master of Arts degree in Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

Speech Topics

Deconstructing Equity

DEI, JEDI, EDIA... It seems like each day there is a new acronym for the important work of operationalizing equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and justice across our systems.

Deconstructing Equity takes participants on a journey of unpacking each word so that we each have a better understanding of what it looks like when they are in place within organizations and the workplace.

This inspiring session will help participants connect the dots between key concepts and explore the equity continuum, through a grace-filled and inclusive approach. Participants will walk away with a better understand of how they can be champions and leaders of equity in this critical time.

Moving from Ally to Accomplice: Building Our Capacity for Authentic Connection

This engaging session will take participants through a journey of deconstructing what it means to be an ally, and how to authentically show up for others while navigating common feelings of self-doubt and “imposter syndrome”. Using critical pieces of history as an entry point, participants will begin to explore true meaning of allyship and how it has been used in modern social justice movements. As a group, we will interrogate the traditional notion of ally as a “noun” and begin rethink it as an active verb – a series of ongoing actions and decisions that we take to disrupt systems of oppression and inequity.

Through exploring the roots of imposter syndrome, participants will become better equipped to identify it within their own lives and learn tips and techniques to help mitigate it. This keynote is designed to inspire and energize participants to move from places of fear and doubt to action and leadership.

Allyship: Leading with collective work in mind

This session is designed to provide a roadmap for leading, working and serving with allyship in mind. The session will address tips, techniques, barriers, and future-thinking strategies to advance a system where collectiveness is the norm.

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