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Efthemia Papadopoulos  

Yoga Professional

Efthemia Papadopoulos is a University Keynote Speaker, Documentary film speaker, Winter Music Conference speaker, Independent video game development speaker, USA Yoga Professional athlete and speaker about Yoga Sport, Cognitive Biases, Emotional Intelligence and the entertainment business, operations. Speaker on business and society including integration of automation and AI into academia and to relevant job tasks. Audience integrated communicator speaker style with moderators to field questions and questions being answered on the spot in addition to audience being coached on the spot. Audience feels a new energy just with a simple participation technique that is integrated for any speaking engagement. Happy Today, Happy Everyday.

Speech Topics

Happy Everyday

How to have a happy today and happy everyday even in times of suffering and grief.

We are humans and we suffer and experience grief but does that mean we need to let the suffering and grief rule our human experience? Feel the grief, feel the suffering and then what? Even if we are not suffering or have grief, we have other negative emotions that need to be balanced out by positive thoughts and actions. Grieving is different for everyone but it also reminds everyone, whether consciously or not, memento mori, to remember death, but remember it for themselves. What you do with that imagery can lead you to having a happy today and a happy everyday. It's not easy, the work is daily, and it took me over two years to get back to my productive self after caring for my father and his death. Let me inspire all the sandwich generation who care for young children and aging parents while running companies and/or holding down full-time work or multiple part-time work. I would go back to the days my company suffered to spend time with my dad caring for him and do it all over again, the same. This my friends is another way to live a happy everyday, no regret.

Happy Today, Happy Everyday

Isn't great to not know the day of the week and be happy everyday?

What are the stories that play in your head that lead your daily life?

Are you doing at least one thing everyday towards something you want? We know the saying sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck but when you want to be more physically and mentally fit, you need to prepare for that opportunity and not count on luck to have it or not.

I have been fortunate to catch my life experiences in layers. Similar to business ethics, doing right for the shareholders sometimes means doing wrong for the customers and vice versa which means not all aspects of something can be great at all times. Think of areas of your life and parts that you feel are going great but you know there are parts that are not. Say one layer of life, the finance and career layer are great but relationships children and family not so great. That is what I mean by similar to business ethics, we can please all share and stakeholders in our life at all times 100%. But what percent are we willing to divide focus on for each layer?

Yoga Sport and Path to Olympics

You every dream of being an Olympic athlete and winning a gold medal?

Did that dream follow you to middle age or even to ensure your kid had a better chance than you?

Even if time has past you by you are never too old, you are never too sick and you never too anything to something towards your dream. You may not be the person on the podium but you can contribute to the energy of the universe to have a sport in the Olympics.


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