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Elatia Abate    

Human Capital Expert, Thought Leader on The Future of Work, Entrepreneur & Chief Explorer

Elatia Abate is a true visionary and pioneer, having devoted her life to living on the edge of the future of work and creating solutions to global challenges at the intersection of the future of work, education, and information. She is currently CEO of a start-up that matches advisors with innovation projects. She partners with companies that range in size from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations to guide them with the strategies that will empower them as technology’s disruption continues to accelerate. She ran global recruiting for both Dow Jones & Company and Anheuser-Busch InBev, and was a member of the founding teams of innovation labs at both companies, so she has a unique understanding of the challenges of introducing fast-paced strategies into traditional structures. She is a proponent of design thinking, improv comedy, and challenging assumptions. She has her MBA and BA from The University of Chicago.

Speech Topics

Women in Blockchain and AI

Why there need to be more: The blockchain industry is currently comprised of 97% men, which brings with it the traditional challenges of male and female equality in the world. However, when this imbalance is paired with the potential of blockchain to be the mechanism of wealth distribution of the future, this raises questions of disparity of access to income and power at levels that are exponential. Additionally, the way that artificial intelligence and machine intelligence learn is through the (biased) perspectives that the rules of its coders give it. How might we get more women involved in the coding and building of these technologies to ensure a world with equal opportunity for all, as the future unfolds.

Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Lately, we have been reading about the “future of” everything – from work to education, from information to healthcare and everything in between. How is one to know what to pay attention to, which information is trustworthy, and more importantly, what to do with it?What should we be studying and learning if more than 65% of the jobs that will be available in 10 – 15 years don’t exist today? How should we be thinking about our companies’ strategies if we aren’t sure how quickly technology – or which technologies – will enable growth or impede it?This dynamic talk, given from the perspective of living on the frontier of the future of work shows executives, politicians, educators, and students the tools they need to prepare and thrive in the future that is already now.

Pioneering The Future Of Work

Explore how harnessing the potential of the unknown will create success, fulfillment and freedom in the uncertainty of our world and economy through the lens of a pioneer who lived it first-hand, and is now creating solutions for the future of work. Learn the three tools you will need to empower your own and others’ success as the fourth industrial revolution continues to unfold.

Blockchain and the Future of Everything

Learn what Blockchain is, in language that normal human beings can understand. Learn the technology and why it will matter across a broad swath of industries, including Finance, Healthcare, and Education.

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