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Elena Agaragimova      

Head of Talent Development & Podcast Host and Author of "Rough Guide to Awesome Leadership"

Elena is a talent development specialist, podcast host, personal trainer, and author, working to optimize performance and wellbeing in organizations. She started her career in higher education, having worked across various institutions, departments and regions. After a few years I decided to expand her reach to adult learners & decided to shift towards corporations - working with them to create learning journeys, build effective talent acquisition pipelines, and develop talent development programs.

As a skilled trainer, she designs and delivers programs for diverse audiences globally in person and virtually. If you ask her colleagues and clients, they will tell you she is known for her ability to drive change within individuals and organizations that are looking to reach their potential and maintain their competitive edge in the business world. In her current role, she is working with a tech consulting firm where she leads on talent acquisition for one of the practices, design and implement a learning and development strategy to help bring on board tech talent, as well as design career paths and growth opportunities for their employees.

She has a strong interest in how we can use science, particular behavioral and neurosciences, to help people learn effectively, expand their mindset, and overall grow personally and professionally. As a career and talent development coach, Elena has experience working with individuals across different generations, supporting them in achieving their professional and topics, and has been a regular speaker at regional and global conferences, as well as a contributor to Forbes Middle East, and various publications and online platforms globally.

As an entrepreneur she co-founded a tech education platform that prepares youth for the future, Bloom Youth and Bessern, tech solution for productivity and well-being in organizations.

As an author – she produced two books (and a third one in the making!) – one is "Shift a Guidebook To Help People Make a Shift In Their Lives" & another one is "Rough Guide to Awesome Leadership" a practical, fun guide to help new managers succeed in their roles. Finally, she is a podcaster, hosting two podcasts, 'Shift with Elena Agar' podcast that focuses on helping people overcome comfort zones and make necessary shifts to thrive in careers and lives.

'Confessions of a Career Coach' a light and informative series where she shares her career top advice with the audience and answers your most in demand questions about careers! When she is not leading talent transformation, she volunteers her time to help young students with their career development goals, as well as military veterans looking to make career transition to corporate jobs.

Speech Topics

Holistic Talent Development: Integrating Physical Wellbeing for Optimal Learning Impact

Overview: In today's fast-paced and competitive world, talent development goes beyond traditional training and upskilling. It involves nurturing the whole individual, considering their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. In this engaging session, I will explore the transformative power of integrating physical wellbeing into learning initiatives. Drawing upon research and practical experience, I will discuss the impact of physical health on learning outcomes and career growth. Discover how organizations can create a holistic approach to talent development, where physical wellbeing initiatives synergistically enhance learning and performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the interconnectedness between physical wellbeing and learning outcomes in talent development.

  • Explore the latest research and scientific evidence highlighting the impact of physical health on cognitive abilities, memory retention, and overall learning effectiveness.

  • Learn practical strategies to integrate physical wellbeing initiatives into existing learning programs, fostering a culture of wellness and performance.

  • Discover how organizations can create supportive environments that encourage healthy habits and work-life balance, ultimately enhancing employee engagement and productivity.

  • Gain insights into successful case studies where the integration of physical wellbeing practices has led to improved learning outcomes, talent retention, and overall organizational success.

  • Explore the role of leadership in championing physical wellbeing initiatives and fostering a culture of self-care, resilience, and continuous learning.

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