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Singer and songwriter was born in Brazil and came to Israel in 1991.

Singer and songwriter was born in Brazil and came to Israel in 1991. She released her fist album 'Luar e café' (Moonlight and coffee) in April 2004' her second album 'Gaagua' in March 2006, the remix album 'Elisete – Remixes' in 2007 and her third acoustic almub is due to be released this year. Elisete is an independent artist that believes that talent, optimism and a lot of hard work will get you anywhere.

My colors – the third album

The new album was recorded half in Israel and half in Brazil with half its songs in Hebrew and half in Portuguese and it reflects Elisete the way she sees herself – half Israeli and half Brazilian.

The album that was created is acoustic and contemporary, lyric, melancholic at times and very romantic.

The productio9n was done by Israeli-Brazilian music producer Avi Levin in collaboration with Elisete, Ron Laor and Rony Ben-Ezra as co-producers that were involved in all the phases of production and arrangement. 'It's not Carnaval anymore' – the first single from the album was released to radio stations in Israel and abroad.

Gaagua (Longing) – the second album

The album reflect Elisete as she is: An almost impossible mixture of simple words touching directly to your soul with Brazilian rhythms that just make you dance. Her music takes another step forward in the formation of her unique identity as a citizen of the musical world as she creates a mixture of Brazilian music, world music and Israeli music. In 'Gaagua' Elisete goes one step further beyond singing and writing the lyrics and melodies and she is an active partner in all the production phases including involvements in writing the arrangements. 'Gaagua' won the third place in the list of the best albums of 2006 in QUBE site. The album was dedicated to the late Ehud manor.

Luar e cafe (Monlight and coffee) - the first album

The album summarizes a year of intensive work trying to portrait through music her life in Brazil and in Israel. The album received many enthusiastic reviews and in addition to hearing the songs on many radio stations you can also see video clips of the songs Capoeira and Tipat Osher (A little happiness)on TV Channel 24 (The Israeli music channel).

'Luar e café' – The theme song from the album entered this year a compilation disc of Bossa-Nova that is distributed in China and Taiwan. The song 'Capoeira' got many remix versions and one of them was included in a compilation disc released in France.

Elisete – Remixes

The album includes both new songs and songs from her two acoustic albums that got a remix version. The electronic music field is not new to Elisete and hints of it can be found in her previous albums. After releasing her album 'Gaagua' and after two of her songs were included in the successful Israeli movie 'Haboua' (The bubble) it was only natural for Elisete to pay attention to the electronic music field. The production of the album was done by Elisete in collaboration with leading artists from the electronic music field that liked her music and wanted to take part in the project.

The shows

Elisete travels Israel with her band with her show that combines her original songs from her albums with songs from the new album soon to be released. Her band has 6 talented musicians that also contribute from their talent to the arrangements.

Elisete an international ambassador of culture

Elisete's songs are heard worldwide. Elisete together with her music is a double ambassador – she represents the Israei culture as well as the Brazilian one. In November 2008 Elisete went to Brazil for a journey to her roots. In this journey she was also a kind of traveling ambassador of Israel when she made interviews in various television shows and talking both about her work and about Israeli culture.

A letter Elisete wrote during the Israeli operation in the Gaza strip got quoted and was referred to in many media channels including the Israeli embassy in Brazil. The letter got translated to many languages and was used to help explain Israel's side.

Elisete is considered in Israel the most Israeli Brazilian and abroad she is known as the most Brazilian Israeli.

Additional projects

In addition to the shows with her original songs Elisete participates in a wide variety of projects: She has two songs in the soundtrack of the Israeli movie 'Ha-booa' (The bubble) made by Gal Ochovski and Eitan Fuchs (this project was done in collaboration with musician and producer Ran Shani), she is a hosted in the Brazilian Jazz show 'The girl from Ipanema' made by pianist Rony Zur and Saxophonist Shlomi Goldenberg. Elisete is a guest singer in the show 'The colors of the Brazilian Rainbow' managed by Milca Lacks, Elisete collaborates with DJ's from all over the world and creates projects with them. The song 'Black is beautiful' that she wrote with the South-African producer Mzilkazi Wa Africa is heard all over the world including Brazil.

'Black is beautiful' was played in different 'Camarotes' in the last Carnaval in Bahia. 10 tracks of her music were released so far by the Belgium label Selecta Beats. In the last album of Daniel Zilberstein she was a guest singer in a song for which she wrote the Portuguese lyrics and she keeps initiating new projects. Elisete collaborated and performed with many Israeli artists in many fields: Idan Reichel, Si Heiman, Bezalel Aloni and others.

Elisete collaborates with producers of electronic and acoustic music in Israel and abroad in many projects.

The story in short

Elisete was born in Brazil and came to Israel in 1991 directly into the shelters during Golf war where she started teaching herself Hebrew with the help of the Israeli TV program 'Zehu-Ze' and news anchor man Haim Yavin.

In the first years in Israel Elisete was a dancer and a dance teacher of Brazilian dance for children. Elisete's story is a long saga with optimistic concliusions: Elisete syas she sings as a part of her mission to bring happiness to the Israelis. Cynics reading this will laugh. Cynics hearing her say this will be captured in her magic and believe in it.With this attitude and with her energy and joy Elisete sings about life in the most Israeli angle but also in the most Brazilian. Elisete's lines have simplicity, warmth and a lot of love in them. Her rhythms and voice takes us to the Brazil she always carries in her hart.

Elisete discovered the digital media and using the internet wisely she has made herself known internationally. A video of her song 'Andando por Tel-Viv got a huge exposure on the front page of the German YouTube. Elisete took a melody written by German musicians she met on YouTube and wrote lyrics to the song that was dedicated to Tel-Aviv, her favorite town.

Elisete is very active in FaceBook and MySpace and gets a lot of positive feedback from her audience.


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