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Elliott Masie    

Technology & Learning Futurist

Elliott Masie is a provocative, engaging and entertaining speaker - focused on the changing world of learning and workforce performance.

Masie is an internationally recognized futurist, analyst, researcher and organizer on the critical topics of workforce learning, business collaboration and emerging technologies. He is the editor of Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie, an Internet newsletter read by over 52,000 business executives worldwide, and a regular columnist in professional publications, including CLO magazine. He is the author of a dozen books, and is the convener of Learning 2013 and Telework 2013.

He heads The MASIE Center, a Saratoga Springs, NY think tank focused on how organizations can support learning and knowledge within the workforce. He leads the Learning CONSORTIUM, a coalition of 230 global organizations cooperating on the evolution of learning strategies, including CNN, Wal-Mart, American Express, Farmers Insurance, Emirates Airline, Starbucks, General Electric and Fidelity Investments.

Masie's professional focus has been in the fields of corporate learning, organizational performance and emerging technology. He has developed models for accelerating the spread of knowledge, learning and collaboration throughout organizations. Masie is acknowledged as the first analyst to use the term e-Learning and has advocated for a sane deployment of learning and collaboration technology as a means of supporting the effectiveness and profitability of enterprises.

Masie serves as an adviser to a wide range of government, education and non-profit groups. He serves on the Board of Trustee of Skidmore College and as a Board member of FIRST Robotics and the CIA University Board of Visitors. He has served as a pro-bono advisor to the Department of Defense and on the White House Advisory Council on Expanding Learning Opportunities.

Masie is known as a highly approachable speaker and trainer, blending humor, applicable stories of best practice and high levels of audience involvement. Over the past thirty years, he has presented programs, courses and speeches to over 1,700,000 professionals around the world. He lives in Saratoga Springs, owns thoroughbred horses, and is an investor in Broadway shows like Godspell, Allegiance Chinglish and Somewhere in Time.

Speech Topics

Learning Changes, Learning Revolution!

People and organizations are changing how they learn. We are leveraging technology, social connection, mobile devices, deeper curiosity, video stories and connections, open and massive knowledge models and a desire to accelerate our learning experiences! Learning changes are shifting how corporations, schools, colleges, associations, religions and even political campaigns are sharing knowledge. Learners are expecting a rich set of learning options, personalized to their needs, socially connected and available on any device in any setting. Elliott Masie will explore these key Learning Changes in a highly interactive presentation:

-Learning Changes & Revolution

-Learning Innovations: Open & Massive Knowledge Video on Demand

-Learning Together: Social and Collaboration on a Global Basis

-Learning Everywhere: From TV on Sunday Night to On-Demand Mobile Segments

-Personalization: I Want to Learn My Way!

-Big Learning Data!

-Learning for Rapidly Changing Jobs & Marketplaces

-Storytelling Drives Change!

-The Changing Role of Teachers & Experts

"Big" Data: Making Sense of Our Connected World

Everyday we create thousands of data points by our actions, behaviors, choices and lives. Increasingly, organizations are discovering how to capture, consider, analyze, compare and leverage Big Data. Each time someone visits a website, makes a purchase, joins an effort, conducts a transaction or connects with a network data is created. Increasingly, even our bodies will create data that may have some meaning. OK, so how do organizations and leaders make sense of all this rapidly expanding Big Data. The challenges focus on Vast Data (dealing with an mind boggling amount of data); Speed of Data (how rapidly can we gather and leverage data); Truth of Data (it is interesting but is it true, real or trustable); and Strange Mix of Data (blending data from different and unrelated sources). Big Data will be deployed by organizations making marketing, human resource, educational, financial and strategic decisions. Elliott Masie will explore these topics in a highly interactive, humor filled presentation:

-Big Data What Do We Know About You?

-Big Data Making Sense of Random Bits of Truth?

-Big Data and Small Data Is it True for Me?

-Big Data Security, Ethics and Mental Models

-Big Data Stupid Decisions

-Big Data Vast Data, Speed of Data, Truth of Data, Strange Mix of Data

-Big Data Futures and Alternatives

Tech Trends & Shifts: A Futures Perspective

Elliott Masie will present a fast paced view of changing Technology Trends and Shifts that are effecting organizations, education, business, lifestyle and choices. For each speech, the organizers can select the key Technology Trends and Shifts to be the core of the speech. Or, the audience can be engaged in real-time voting of the topics to be addressed. Elliott Masie, with over 40 years experience as a technology researcher, futurist and author will rapidly explore and explain each Tech Trend and Shift with working examples of near term futures. Here is a checklist (to be updated) of Tech Trends and Shifts:

-Mobile Devices: The Intense World of Connected People

-Maker Reality: From 3D Printing to Build Your Own

-Personalization: The Age of Personalizing Content, Context and Communication

-Open Learning: Fingertip Access to Expertise Everywhere

-Using Games to Fail Forward: Simulating the Way to Success

-Connected Organizations: Workforce Everywhere Teleworking, Global and Connected

-Bring in the Clouds From PCs to Networks to Shared Clouds

-Big and Small Data Making Sense of Patterns

-The Marketplace of Knowledge and Ratings Field Sourcing Expertise

-Nano Technology Making the Tiny Powerful and Targeted

-Me and the World of Technology Your Tech Choices and Decisions

Telework: The Changing Nature of the Workplace

More than 17% of the white collar workforce is currently teleworking! From one to all days a week, they are working from home, from the road or even from a coffee shop as part of a massive shift in the Telework reality. Elliott Masie, one of the global analyst of Teleworking and the host of Telework 2013, will present a highly interactive and humorous view of how you and your organization may be impacted by TeleWork. Here are a few of the key elements of his presentation:

-Telework Trends: Current trends in the US and Globally on Teleworking. Who, what, when, where and how?

-Telework Innovations: Maternity Leave with Telework Options or Retired Boomers Teleworking as Coaches

-Telework Issues:

---Legal: If they fall off their chair, is it a Workmans Compensation Issue.

---Legal: They live in Maryland, work for a company in Seattle and are serving a client in New Mexico, which states jurisdictions apply

---Human Resource: Do they stay longer as teleworkers?

---Human Resource: Do you evaluate or fire them via teleconference?

---Technology: What technology will change and enlarge Telework? Is it secure and safe?

---Personal: Are teleworkers happy? How to manage teleworkers you never meet?

---Business: The implications for no-office workplaces?

---Futures: Teleworking Emergencies Telework Changes

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