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Host of "Bloomberg Technology"; Author of "Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley"

Emily Chang is the anchor and executive producer of Bloomberg Technology, formerly Bloomberg West, a daily TV show focused on global technology and Bloomberg Studio 1.0, where she regularly speaks to top executives, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Chang regularly discusses trends in global technology, media and entertainment from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, Hollywood to Asia and beyond.

She was previously a CNN correspondent based in Beijing and London.

Chang was named one of the top 100 influential tech people on Twitter by Business Insider in April 2014. She was also ranked 10th on the 100 most influential tech women on Twitter by Business Insider in May 2014. In 2011, she was named one of San Francisco's "Hot 20 2011" by 7x7 magazine. While reporting for KNSD in San Diego, Chang won five Emmy Awards for her coverage of topics including drug smuggling across the US-Mexico border.

Chang is also the author of Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley, which alleges sexism and gender inequality in the tech industry.

She is a graduate of Harvard University.

Speech Topics


Nearly all women and men are in pursuit of the elusive work-life balance, yet it is still expected at many jobs for employees to take meals at their desks, be connected to devices after hours, and respond to messages late into the night. Even with employers offering money, stock options, and perks like onsite gyms, yoga, or catered meals, the bottom line is that too many companies expect employees to choose their work-life over their personal life. But such an imbalance leads to burn out, unnecessary stress, and as research has shown, an eventual decline in productivity. Why does this lifestyle persist, especially in the tech sector, where companies pride themselves in groundbreaking solutions? How can employers and employees reevaluate their strategy and begin to work smarter not harder? The mother of three young boys, the host and executive producer of a daily television show and a best-selling author, Emily Chang is living the work-life balance – at least, the version that works best for her life. Drawing from research and from her own life experiences, Chang delivers the lessons she’s learned and the mistakes she’s made while aiming for this delicate balance. Whether running a global company, a small business, or working somewhere in between, the overriding message is the same: a happy, balanced employee is better for the bottom-line.


From Hollywood and Wall Street to Washington and Silicon Valley, women are speaking up, fighting back, and changing the rules of the game. More than ever before, they are running for office, starting their own businesses and pushing for leadership roles. But will this bring lasting change? Long before the #MeToo movement, Emily Chang was writing about women’s issues and has chronicled the ongoing outpouring of activism and advocacy. She has spoken to women and men across the country who are challenging the status quo and want to unlock the full potential of women. As this movement has rippled across the United States and rattled countries as far as the UK, South Korea and beyond, there is still need for honest talk and real change, not just for an improved workforce, but for the betterment of society. In this speech, Chang asks the difficult questions about what we are doing wrong, how we can make it right, and charges us all to be the necessary agents of change. With dedicated effort and with committed leaders, we can bring more voices to the table for lasting change in the world.


From Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google to Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent, tech is rising around the world and changing our lives so thoroughly and at such a rate that our lifestyles may soon be unrecognizable. New businesses and business models are disrupting the very way we live and making way for astronomical growth and unprecedented innovation. But success is not inevitable. Author of Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley, Emily Chang is covering tech trends around the world in real time. As a journalist, she has traveled across China and Europe to explore more broadly what different effects tech has made across the world and what changes it will bring to the global economy.


How, how much, and why we work is shifting faster than ever. As the nature of work evolves, so too will the workforce. From the tech industry to manufacturing jobs to service-work, products are now capable of reaching billions of people from all different kinds of backgrounds. But for new technology and products to reach innovative potential, teams must be formed with a diverse set of perspectives. For this to happen, change needs to come from the top, with CEOs driving for diversity not only as a focus but a priority. Journalist and Bloomberg TV host Emily Chang reports on global technology, media companies and startups. She regularly speaks to top tech executives, investors, and entrepreneurs, andoffers a wide range of observations about how work is changing and how businesses can keep up with the pace. In every sector, leaders and CEOs are looking for a competitive edge, but only some have realized that there is an abundance of talent and valuable ideas in the populations that have been largely untapped. Chang will show that the future of work isn’t just about the influence of tech and artificial intelligence, but innovation and an inclusive workforce. Striving for diversity in the workplace is not just the right thing to do but the smart thing to do in a competitive and rapidly changing global economy.


The #MeToo movement catalyzed a wave of changes across Silicon Valley and Corporate America, but when the pandemic hit, much of the progress women had made in business was lost. Many women left the workforce to take care of their families and many may never go back. Based on her best-selling book, Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley, Emily Chang makes a passionate and convincing case for giving women a seat at the table at the world’s most powerful companies, and the startups that may become them. As workers reevaluate their futures amidst the Great Resignation and macroeconomic turmoil, she offers concrete steps to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce. She critiques what isn’t working – the potential sexism, racism, and ageism, and shines a light on what is – the balance of women and people of color working across the organization.

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