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Supermodel, TV Personality & Body Image Advocate

Known for over two decades as the award winning, iconic American supermodel and trusted voice in the fashion, wellness, beauty and news industries, Emme is globally recognized as the innovative social reformer for women’s empowerment and positive body image. She is the first celebrity body image and self esteem champion invited to speak before a Congressional subcommittee in Washington, D.C. with a mission to increase public awareness of the dangers of eating disorders and poor body image for women, girls, men, and boys.

Named in 2018 by Oprah Magazine as the Godmother of the full figured industry, a TEDx presenter, Emme has twice been selected to People Magazine’s "50 Most Beautiful People" and Ladies’ Home Journal chose her as one of the "Most Important Women in America" and one of the "Most Fascinating Women of the Year." She has also been honored as one of Glamour magazine’s "Women of the Year" and as one of Biography magazine’s “25 Most Influential Women”. Emme is a long time Ambassador to The National Eating Disorders Association, board member of the Model Alliance, honorary board member of Project Heal, and Kent School Trustee.

Emme is a sought-after media, healthcare, marketing, and retail consultant, tapping into her invaluable insight from her 30 years in the TV, fashion, and beauty industries. She is dedicated to positive body image and is frequently interviewed by the media on a variety of topics relating to eating disorders and body image, fashion and beauty trends, marketing, inclusive fitness, wellness, surviving cancer, and women's health. She has authored five books translated in a variety of languages, “True Beauty,” “Life’s Little Emergencies,” “Morning Has Broken,”, “What Are You Hungry For?" and "Chicken Soup for The Soul" book series: “Curvy and Confident: 101 Stories of Loving Yourself and Your Body.”

Invited to the US '84 Olympic Trials for rowing, Emme’s passion for nature and fitness fuels her active lifestyle, which includes triathlons, rowing, snowshoeing, boogie boarding, hiking, yoga, swimming and camping. Raised in Saudi Arabia, Emme is a Mom, passionate traveler, and enjoys creating a deeper and long lasting societal impact by working with leading companies that support the wellbeing and wellness of their employees and customers.

Speech Topics


No more self-destructive talk and poor behavior blocking a passionate and mission filled life! When opportunities suddenly pop up, Emme encourages her audiences to step into them with a resounding "hell yes", most especially when we don't feel qualified! "Opportunities just don't show up out of the blue, it's a little shoulder tap to stretch ourselves to another level, to learn and grow," she says. Emme shares her journey and how it taught her to embrace tough times, to reevaluate with whom we hang, engage in business and how important carving time out every day for peace and quiet, alone. Isn't it time to live the life you are meant to live instead of the life you feel you should be living? Get ready to be inspired, gain the courage to leap into new challenges and learn through laughter and possibly some tears, how to turn fear into a friend to fuel our future.


Slowing down the mind chatter, releasing the pull on every one of our senses and putting you first; these are some of the most loving self-care and intentional acts we can do in this intense time in our lives.

Join Emme and reclaim the powerful you, the goddess within who fully resides in the present moment where all things are possible. Trust from her 30 years of national and international influence for the acceptance of diverse images of beauty, to profoundly impact self acceptance, positive body image and why we do what we do personally and professionally everyday. Like no other time before, being intentionally present in one's life is paramount to living happy, joyful and successful lives, yet we are more tired, stressed out and without energy for our families and the things that bring us most joy, not to mention, ourselves.

Want to attract opportunities, gain a new sense of clarity and awakening your mind and spirit, then let you come first this afternoon or weekend (if on a retreat)! Let the waves wash up on your feet, let the sand curl around your toes, let your skin feel the kiss of the sun and your body relax into the realm of all possibilities. Allow your mind to release the fears and doubts for you to finally embrace the here and now.

Learn to self-partner, develop an "ideal vision" for the life you want to live and create a plan on how to get there. Revive and reignite your awareness and passion by stepping back on your journey to a balanced life to think well, eat well and feel grounded.

Clear your mind through meditations and forgiveness rituals. Trigger the power of intentions and allow time to bask in your own light.



Problem: In the US alone,100+ million women size 14 or higher, are demanding more fashion-forward clothing than ever, leaving a whopping 20B + of missed revenue (and satisfied customers) on the table. Not only is this a cultural quagmire, it's an economic one. Today's fashion designers, retailers, and design schools have the key to fix our sluggish fashion economy by supplying the fashion industry with inclusive fashion designers to supply this thirsty market with what they desire with apparel apparel that make them look good and feel great. It all starts with education, with you!

Solution: Now in it's 5th year, Syracuse University's Fashion Design Program is going strong. Bottom line, once student designers work on size 0-24 dress forms, they learn proper proportions of scale from one form to another, then the creative process is normalized and young designers see no reason why fashion couldn't be available for all women. The good news is, the curriculum doesn't need to change, just expanded to include proper proportions and attention to detail in regard to illustration, design, grade, tech fit, and pattern making - for more sizes. Inclusive fashion can be as simple as that. (September - June talks book quickly)


What are the steps we can take to be a part in our own healing process during a serious illness? Emme reveals her battle with cancer and journey through the medical maze along with her own efforts to marry conventional medicine with holistic care. She believes “growth only comes when pushed, prodded and forced to face what lies in front of us - difficulty being the salt and pepper of life; the good with the seemingly bad, in all its glory.” "To say my cancer diagnoses was a gift may sound strange, but in so many ways it was." Emme continues to work to improve her wellness routine and find support for her immune system, post treatment. In shareing therapies that helped her stay vivacious and energetic during the roughest times and holistic healing, she was able to diminish if not offset the negative affects of chemotherapy.

Certainly a game changing talk for grappling with self doubt/drive/motivation, individuals going through cancer treatment, and families and friends of cancer patients.


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