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Eric Aroca      

CEO of Aroca Group; Business Consultant & Author

Following a successful sales career in high tech, he quickly generated success in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector where he earned over 30 sales awards including the coveted Vice Presidents Cabinet Award. Since that time Eric has written a book and started a speaking and consulting company that has taken him to over 10 countries.

Aroca's recent clients include, Pisa Pharmaceuticals, Dendreon, Samsung Biologics, Astrazeneca (China), Medela, Bausch+Lomb, Hologic, Tissue Tech, Absolute Air, Ridgeview Dental, Halifax Flooring, UASSP, USPCS and ICBA.

What sets Aroca apart from the rest is an ability to weave inspiration into attention-grabbing speeches that are nothing short of a verbal joyride. He uses humor, insight and masterful storytelling skills to captivate his audience.

Aroca resides in Utah with his beautiful wife Selina, daughters Alexi, Celia, Celeste, Sophie and son Alec. He is also a grandfather to Kai and Jade Aroca.

Speech Topics

How to Build a Winning Culture that Lasts

In this high impact keynote your people will learn that culture is their biggest differentiator in their business. Eric brings to life the importance that Leadership, communication and values play in building a winning culture.

Live the Life You Have Always Imagined

A recent survey of 2000 Americans were asked what job they wanted as a teenager. According to the survey, only 10% of people were working in a job they dreamed of as a teenager. That’s where business keynote and culture expert Eric Aroca is helping individuals and organizations bridge the gap between their realities and living the life they have always imagined. In this energetic keynote, your team will learn how to:

  • Understand the importance of visualization
  • Create a plan that will allow for personal development
  • Identify what makes them successful
  • Master the ability to think of yourself as the person you want to be

The Four Acts of Leaders

For good or bad, we learn our leadership skills from those we are the closest to: our parents, grandparents, teachers, church leaders and coaches. Then we move outside of our inner circle of influence and we look toward athletes, political leaders, movie stars, music stars, social media influencers and other people of influence. So this begs the question “what leadership traits make a great leader?”

That’s what business keynote and culture expert Eric Aroca brings to the stage. In this high-energy, packed keynote your people will learn the skills of dreaming more, learning more, doing more and becoming in order to inspire great leadership from themselves and others. In this keynote your team will learn how to:

  • Realize the importance of Visualization and sharing those dreams with people of influence
  • How to become irreplaceable to your team by simply learning more
  • Identify the people in your life that will help you to do more
  • Embrace your inner power to become more

Live Your Life by an Ethos

Do you feel overwhelmed? Is anxiety getting the best of you? At times we will all feel this way. It is time to put your positive words to use by creating an ethos to live by. That’s what business speaker and culture expert Eric Aroca brings to the stage. He will teach your people to change their negative language and thoughts with positive alternatives. In this keynote your team will learn how to:

  • Create a life changing mantra/ethos to live by
  • Embrace your life story
  • Learn how to tell your story

Ignite Your Life with Passion, Purpose and Perseverance

Sometimes life is predictable and sometimes it is not. There may be times of joy where everything seems to be going well and other times when it seems like nothing can go right. We all experience trials however we all have the opportunity to adopt a positive attitude no matter what we encounter. That’s what Business Keynote and Culture Expert Eric Aroca brings to the stage. Eric will challenge your people to re-ignite their lives by living simple principles that will allow them to live lives full of passion, purpose and perseverance. In this humorous keynote, your team will learn to:

  • Identify their passion
  • Understand the importance of purpose
  • Master the ability to persevere through the toughest challenges

Eric will capture the imagination of your people with humor, and real life experiences that your people will be able to connect with to make a difference in their lives.

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