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Eric Rios    

Founder of the Inner Stillness Project

A retired firefighter turned meditation teacher, Eric Rios is the founder of Inner Stillness Project (ISP), a company dedicated to increasing individuals potential and personal power. A practicer of Inner Stillness since 1999, Eric constantly explores new ways of growing. His growth and experience led him to create the "7-Minute Shift", a 4-step cutting edge technique for deep and lasting results in tapping into Inner Stillness anytime and anywhere. Further advancing his personal reserch, Eric delved into Tapping, Affirmation and mindfulness exercises to name a few. Through assisted stretching, breathing techniques and meditation, you can pierce and dissolve deep tension in your body, causing it to feel a deep calm. It is in this state where the body truly heals and regenerates.

Eric is now a teacher and a mentor passing on his extensive knowledge to assist others in finding their own Inner Stillness and learn how to use it to achieve personal goals or master just about any skills they choose.

Not only can you feel deep calm in just one session but you will also be able to feel a version of this state during waking hours. That has been the goal of I.S.P. since its first formulation. Understanding these techniques, understanding their goal and practicing on a daily basis will guarantee you optimum performance in any activity and sport event.

The purpose of I.S.P. is to balance the mind and body so you can have better control over your own stress levels and take better control of daily situations. It was designed to be practiced twenty minutes before any activity that might cause nervousness or anxiety, whether it would be a deliberation, board meeting, sport activity, public speaking, singing, acting or something such as day trading.

When Eric isn't with his friends, writing or teaching, he can be found dancing to rhumba and guanaco music in the crowd at a central park concert or on his yoga mat in some twisted position, all the while exuding radiant Bliss and Stillness.


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