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Erik Haug        

Futurist, Founder & Chief Vision Officer of LIGHT CoCreative

Erik Haug is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of LIGHT CoCreative, a purpose-driven innovation consulting firm dedicated to catalyzing positive change in the world.

Haug is a renowned strategist, competitive athlete, public speaker and social entrepreneur from California who has facilitated visioning sessions with hundreds of leaders. Notable clients include Nike, UCLA, Cisco, Intuit -- and you may have seen him on stage at Dreamforce, OpenWorld, SXSW, Climate Week NYC or Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week Conferences.

He is celebrated leader and clearly a community builder at heart. Inspired by his autistic brother, he has been committed to shaping a more inclusive and empathetic society throughout his entire life.

Haug recently served as CoFounder & CEO of a venture-backed social technology startup and has advised dozens of early-stage startups. He is also a former D1 NCAA athlete and starting Men's Soccer Goalkeeper at George Washington University.

Strategic visioning and visualization has been at the core of Haug's success as an entrepreneur and athlete. He uses various techniques to help gain clarity, insight and perspective on any new opportunity.

His personal mission is to empower purpose-driven leaders and help shape a harmonious future for all. Haug is passionate about wellness, inclusion, sustainable innovation and enabling great leaders to bring their visions to life.

Speech Topics

Visioning: A Powerful Practice to Shape Your Future

Do you have a vision for the future? Tap into your inner clarity with a Visioning practice and cultivate deeper meaning, insights and action.

Whether you are a senior executive or just starting out in your career, Visioning is a powerful way to get clear on your path forward, sense trends and guide your team to greatness.

This inspiring and interactive session will leave audiences feeling motivated, optimistic, aware and ready to make positive changes in both life and work.

Autism Is Awareness: A Powerful Personal Journey & Vision

Explore the great mystery, and transformational power of autism.

For years Erik has been wearing an "Autism Awareness" wristband to bring more awareness to autism. His younger brother, Justin, is an autistic adult who cannot speak (common language)— and it’s so helpful to have people understand his condition.

However, he recently had the idea that maybe the opportunity here is less about being aware of autism — and perhaps to recognize that autism is a form of awareness many cannot even comprehend. What if the key to helping our autistic peers is really about you and I becoming more conscious and aware?

This inspiring, touching and thought provoking session with leave you thinking differently about mindfulness and how you can empower neurodivergent peers in your community or workplace.

From Social Media to Social Life

A deep dive on digital habits and how to counterbalance loneliness in a remote-work era by cultivating authentic community and culture.

With nearly half of America identifying as being lonely, and Gen Z spending 10+ hours a day on digital platforms— many have us are or have felt alone, vulnerable, and at risk of digital addiction. This is a growing issue that is finally being talked about more openly. We are all craving togetherness, and many of us are looking to our phones to satisfy these needs.

We need to shape a new paradigm of digital-physical life. At the core of this new paradigm is empathy, leadership and shared vision. We need to provide opportunities for real-life interaction and encourage leaders to help shape a culture of belonging that their employees need.

Explore trends that are balancing our social life in the post-digital era and can help make positive shifts towards a culture of community:

  • The Digital Detox Movement: leadership and validated research on the impact of taking a break from tech — encouraging us to become more self aware, balanced and present in the post-digital era.

  • Reinventing Organizations: enabling distributed autonomous teams that support more work-life integration, flexibility and the ability to collaborate with like-minded local community members.

  • Rediscovering Spirituality: the movement to be in spiritual community and see the bigger picture — after years of polarizing and frankly poor religious leadership.

  • State-Local Activism: the rise of local leadership with more grassroots politics and community volunteering — cultivating authentic community, participation and trust.

  • Holistic Human Centered Design: designing tech for human health, connection and performance — not just profit.

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