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Erleen Tilton  

One who made life changes with wholesome foods and habits, and got positive life changing health results!

For more than 25 years, Erleen Tilton has been in the whole foods and nutrition arena. It began with a life changing experience of eating of a whole foods diet which virtually eliminated all of her many health challenges (breast lumps, anemia, colonitis, depression, arthritis, pollen allergies, valley fever, low-blood sugar, to name a few).

As a presenter and author, Erleen's enthusiasm and inspiration has helped many other's lives change with improved health, energy, and natural weight management as it accompanies healthy, whole food eating practices. Her publications include whole health cookbooks, CDs, DVD, gardening and natural first-aid books. She also conducts her own health retreats at her home in the mountains where women, or married couples, come from all over for this 3-day health educational training, application, and experience a positive healthy lifestyle change.

As a keynote or workshop presenter, Erleen's themes are for all audiences, especially busy moms and business women who want more energy, natural weight balance, and superior health for themselves as well as for their families. Her themes include:

* Is the Food You Eat Supreme Fuel?

What we put into our bodies every day is really our fuel, and our daily food choices determine whether we are filling our systems with supreme or poor grade fuel, which ultimately gives health and energy, or sickness, disorder, and obesity! Do you really understand what you are eating and drinking?

*** Food Influences Our Behavior!

**Statistics show that the increase of processed foods parallels with the increase of prescription drugs for disorders such as: ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Depression, and more. It stands to reason that if foods are stripped of vital nutrients and thus not present in ones diet, there will be adverse consequences. Many studies show a link between behavioral issues such as violence, aggression, suicidal tendencies, insomnia, irritability, depression - and a diet of processed foods. These behaviors can be corrected with a whole foods diet.

* Simple Secrets to Natural, Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss!

We do not have to be overweight and won't when we understand why we are overweight and the difference between the two types of foods: those that work with the body to nourish and cleanse, and those that work against the body to pollute and toxify. Our food choices either provide the nutrients we need to give us energy and help our systems function properly, or they don't! Natural and permanent weight loss and balance can be obtained!

* Eating Disorders -The Whys & Solutions!

There are many people with eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, obesity, binge-eating, which are often a cycle. There are solutions that are much more simple than you may think. Learn how to reverse eating disorders and how to help over come them too.


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