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Winner of "Survivor" Africa, 2x Cancer Survivor, Stem Cell Transplant Recipient, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Cancer Research Advocate, Former Pro Soccer Player, Sports Broadcaster & TV Personality

Ethan Zohn gives the word survivor a whole new meaning. Winning CBS Survivor: Africa’s 1-million-dollar prize, was the springboard to an exceptional life of entrepreneurship, social purpose and advocacy. It was also the prelude to an incredible story, one of perseverance, accomplishment, and enduring spirit in the face of once unthinkable challenges.

Zohn is a former professional soccer player from Lexington MA, a two-time cancer crusher, TV personality, author and co-founder of Grassroot Soccer (GRS). GRS uses the power of soccer and the energy of youth to educate, inspire and mobilize communities to improve health. Over the last 20 years, Zohn has been an important force in driving the strategic direction of GRS and building partnerships that have helped to provide lifesaving education for more than 18 million young people in 60 countries.

Since publicly sharing his two battles with CD20+ Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and two stem cell transplants, Zohn has been named a global ambassador for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, StandUp2Cancer, AKTIV Against Cancer, First Descents and others.

As an international keynote speaker, Zohn delivers deeply-felt presentations rich in personal strength that inspires audiences to answer life’s questions, challenges and opportunities with strength and conviction of character. With his remarkable sense of humor, honesty and vulnerability, he offers keynotes that inspire audiences to never let a crisis go to waste, because it is an opportunity to do some really important things.

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Survivor has defined Ethan for most of his adult life, but he has shed that label and shifted from surviving to thriving due to the incredible advances in cancer research, technology and survivorship programs. After a multiple rounds of chemotherapy, 22 blasts of radiation and a failed autologous transplant Ethan was running out of options, scared, confused and he did not want to die. Ethan made the decision to be treated with a drug the FDA was in the process of approving that ultimately saved his life. It was a miracle. And since publicly sharing his two battles with CD20+ Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and two stem cell transplants, Ethan has been named a global ambassador for then Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, StandUp2Cancer, V Foundation, AKTIV Against Cancer, and others. Ethan discusses the need for research, the importance of scientific advancement and offers much needed perspective and inspiration for any patient, survivor or caregiver ready to thrive in life.


Ethan is an expert at surviving any situation, especially cancer and has survived the harsh elements of an isolated life on a deserted island during his three seasons competing on the hit CBS reality show, Survivor Africa, Survivor All-Stars, and Survivor 40: Winners At War.

A fit, young adult former professional soccer player who had traveled the world on behalf of the international health community through his foundation, Grassroot Soccer, Ethan became an unlikely face of cancer. Never losing optimism, spirit or humor, despite extraordinary rigors and setbacks, Ethan developed A SURVIVOR’S GUIDE TO LIFE. Ethan provides the foundation and skills anyone can learn to face life’s biggest challenges. Sprinkling in personal stories from Survivor, pro soccer, battling cancer, facing antisemitism and other experiences in his unique life, Ethan delves deeply into the concepts of character, leadership, community, resiliency and service in terms that people can relate to - where it comes from, why it matters and how it can help them make important decisions in their lives.


People LOVE reality TV competitions because they can watch others react to the unknown. Contestants are forced out of their comfort zone - will they embrace the experience and learn from these challenges, or give in to the drama and fall apart? Just like the complex world of corporate America is based on relationships and team building, so are strategy-based TV shows like Survivor and Amazing Race – the relationship with yourself, your coworkers, your boss, your friends and your family.

Ethan is no stranger to overcoming challenges on and off-camera. From losing his father at an early age, to playing pro soccer in the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic, to surviving cancer twice to winning a million bucks on a reality show, he learned incredible lessons about forming relationships, building selfconfidence, creating work-life balance, becoming a connected leader, and overcoming obstacles. Ethan shares his strategies for staying resilient in the face of life’s biggest challenges and creating positive relationships that will help your audience succeed in business and in life.


Ethan knows that building a good team is crucial for cultivating a cohesive and high-performing group that can survive any situation in life and in business. As a former professional soccer player, successful entrepreneur, two-time cancer survivor and legendary reality TV competitor who won Survivor Africa and has appeared on Survivor All Star, Survivor40: Winners at War, The Amazing Race, Eco Challenge and Fear Factor, Ethan has taken the critical skills he learned from these challenging strategy-based competition shows and packaged them into SURVIVAL TEAM Challenge, The Ultimate Corporate Team Building Event.

Ethan designed and built challenges he used during his time on TV and turned them into dynamic team building activities that will generate supportive, long-lasting relationships for any group. By creating a fun, safe, innovative and stimulating environment, participants will be inspired to learn and grow as they respond to these games. A combination of physical, mental and social competitions will inspire teams to think in a new way and work on communication, critical thinking, trust-building, problem solving, and more. This experiential team building event, hosted by Ethan, is inclusive of a fireside chat and keynote speech that will illustrate cooperation over competition, leadership and negotiation, group morale, overcoming challenges, service and help to relieve stress through laughter and learning. The ideal number of participants is no more than 50 people.


Ethan believes that a better and healthier world can be achieved through living by Jewish values. His inspiration to help heal the world stems from being taught at an early age the importance of community, a connection to the Jewish faith, sports and the preservation of Israel.

As demonstrated by his charitable work, tzedakah and community involvement, Ethan delivers a deeply-felt, meaningful lesson that inspires any audience to answer life’s opportunities with strength, and conviction of character. His experiences growing up Jewish, leaning on the Jewish community after community after his dad’s death, defusing antisemitism while playing Survivor, competing and coaching in the Maccabi Games, his wife’s conversion to Judaism and their charitable honeymoon to a refugee camp, has shaped who Ethan is.

He has spoken to groups that include United Jewish Federation (UJF), Jewish National Fund (JNF), JNF Futures, BBYO, Hillel, Chabad, Schusterman Foundation, Maccabi USA, JCC, Momentum, JewBelong, Jew In The City, JedX, TribeFest, Sunrise Camp Association, Camp Ramah, United Synagogue Youth, Combined Jewish Philanthropy, Sharsharet, Gift Of Life, Camp Simcha, 248, Jerusalem Village, The Lost Tribe, The Tel Aviv Institute and local temples across the country.


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