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Internet Entrepreneur.

Evan Bailyn is an Internet entrepreneur whose web properties are visited by more than 50 million people each year. Following his graduation from Columbia University in 2003, Bailyn taught himself about search engines, quickly discovering how to rank at the top of Google for any search term. He then established a network of education-related businesses, which he later sold. He founded Cartoon Doll Emporium, one of the largest children’s websites in the world, in January 2006, as the realization of his passion for entertaining children. The company received an investment from Allen & Co. one year later.

Bailyn is the CEO of First Page Sage, a search engine optimization and social media company with a near-perfect record of getting client websites to rank on the first page of Google, serving celebrity and Fortune 500 clients.

Bailyn’s debut book, Outsmarting Google, will reach stores in early 2011. He has been interviewed on ABC News and Fox News and featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, Crain's, and Advertising Age. He has spoken at the New York Digital Life Conference, the New York Xpo for Business, and the WJA Women In The Know conference. He is also featured on a segment of Joan Rivers' reality show How'd You Get So Rich?

As the founder of the Evan Bailyn Foundation, Bailyn awards grants which support out-of-the-box creative projects for children.

Outsmarting Mark Zuckerberg

The creation of Facebook had a huge impact on how we receive, filter, and disseminate information on the web. And it's only just begun. In the future, Facebook's social search capabilities will change the way consumers – your prospective customers – look for restaurants, dry cleaners, and engagement rings, but in order to make this brilliant product cost effective for your business, you have to outsmart Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook crew. By understanding the power of crowdsourcing to influence the social graph of your business, optimizing Facebook ads to increase your brand's fanbase, and creating a portable social identity, you can slay this social media goliath and gain a tremendous advantage for your company.

The Future of Google: What You Need to Know

In an age of fast-growing, broad-impacting phenomena like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, being the first mover can mean gaining an insurmountable competitive advantage. There is no surer way to succeed than to anticipate a product before it has been launched, and Evan Bailyn will give you that map for the future – specifically, Google's future. In this presentation, Bailyn, author of Outsmarting Google, will explain the five products Google will release within the next 24 months, laying out the groundwork for how your company can dominate in each as soon as they are launched.

Monetizing Your Social Games: The Simple Secrets to Game Addiction

Online gaming is more than just child's play – it's a $10 billion industry that connects people of all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or social status. Evan Bailyn took this simple truth and ran with it in 2009 when he used the power and allure of games to reach nearly 70 million people, creating one of the most popular kids' websites on the internet. In this fascinating talk, Bailyn lays out the five principles for success – competition, collection, scarcity, immediate gratification, and user-specific content – that built up and monetized his business.

Social Engineering For Dummies: How To Unlock a Business' Secrets Without a BS

Brilliance is overvalued; it is the hard working people that take the time to understand how the system works who often prevail in business. Bailyn has used his pattern-finding skills – those he honed in grade school, not grad school – to unlock the secrets of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, drawing over 60 million unique visitors to one of his websites in one year.

In this unique speech, the author of Outsmarting Google demystifies the process of cracking the code to all of the major social websites, showing audience members how to gain industry-dominating visibility in three months.


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