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Ford Saeks          

Business Growth & Internet Marketing & Social Media Specialist

With over 25 years of experience helping improve sales and profits through innovative direct and Internet marketing campaigns Ford Saeks can help deliver the customized program that is guaranteed to exceed your (and your client's) expectations.

Saeks can help you find, attract and keep your customers, make more money and grow your business, provide strategies for innovative direct response, sales and marketing strategies, and enhancing results from direct and internet marketing.

He has successfully founded 10 companies, received three U.S. Patents, holds multiple trademarks, and has developed an impressive collection of intellectual property. As President & CEO of Prime Concepts Group, Inc., Ford is best known for positioning people and their products & services for profit through proven marketing and innovative publicity campaigns.

Thousands benefit from his columns in business and trade journals nationwide, watch him on his online TV show "Profit-Rich Marketing", listen to him on numerous radio and television interviews, and benefit from his customized consultations, corporate presentations, public seminars and training resources.

He shares real life advice as someone who has been there in his own ventures and with his many clients. Saeks speaks nationally and internationally on increasing marketing results and sales performance, Internet marketing/electronic commerce, and maximizing corporate and personal potential. His clients include start-up ventures, entrepreneurs, corporations, associations, and convention groups interested in reducing risk, gaining a competitive edge, and increasing profits.

The clients that Saeks works with include companies from the Fortune 1000 to the start-up entrepreneurial-based enterprises. He's experienced and presented programs for a wide variety of clients at corporate events, sales trainings, conferences and conventions.

Speech Topics

BOOM! Explosive Insights into Generational Marketing and Trending Technologies

Each generational group, from millennials to baby boomers, has their own specific characteristics, behaviors, and buying patterns. This has created new opportunities for you to gain a competitive edge. In the race for relevancy, the one-size-fits-all marketing strategy just isn’t effective. Avoid the generational landmines that can destroy your business. Discover how you improve your marketing to multigenerational marketplaces, and how to manage multigenerational workforces. Gain insights into what motivates millennials, Gen X, Gen Y, and Boomers, and how new technologies improve the process. You’ll leave this presentation armed with the tactics to engage the diverse demographics of today’s consumer.

(Focus: Marketing, Customer Diversity, Trends, Generational Influence)

Social Influence: How to Connect, Engage and Influence Your Target Market!

Discover easy ways to leverage social media for your business in less than an hour per week. This presentation isn’t about technology, it’s about communication and how you can stay relevant while encouraging first-time and repeat sales. You’ll get simple strategies to build relationships, attract top talent, uncover new opportunities, enhance customer service, and increase customer retention. Find out how to build trust & credibility using the social media websites that are best for your business. You’ll love this fast-paced and interactive presentation where Ford demystifies these new mediums as they relate to business in the new economy.

(Focus: Building Trust and Credibility, Reputation Management, Social Media)

Business Growth Innovation! Helping You Grow Your Business and Make More Money!

Getting more customers, increasing the average transaction, and encouraging repeat sales are the goals of every business. Buyer behaviors are changing. The way your prospects make decisions on who to do business with is influenced by instant access to customer reviews, social proof and referrals. Ford will reveal the five keys to improve customer engagement that help keep your sales pipeline full and shorten the sales cycles. Discover how to attract qualified prospects to your website, and create a “buying culture” that works with any budget. You’ll leave with fresh insights and action-steps that you can implement immediately to build trust & credibility that leads to increased revenues now and into the future.

(Focus: Marketing, Sales, Customer Loyalty, Personal Accountability for Success)

Innovative Marketing Mastery: Improving Your Find-ability, Unique-ability and Profitability!

With information overload and rapidly changing economic conditions, organizations can benefit from innovative approaches to dominate their market, increase leads, and improve conversions. Discover creative methods you and your audience can use to generate tons of new ideas and improve your sales and marketing efforts. You’ll leave this session with a multitude of creative direction and internet marketing techniques for subtly—and not so subtly—getting prospects and customers to buy more products and services, and stand-out above the competition.

(Focus: Innovation, Creativity, Marketing)

Superpower Success! How to Think, Act and Perform with Less Effort and Better Results!

It’s no secret that everyone is tasked with doing more with fewer resources. Days quickly bleed into months, and months into years… and there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. Ford understands that owning a business can be challenging, especially if you’re working in your business instead of on your business. This presentation delivers clear action-steps in alignment with your brand objectives and outcomes. Business owners, executive leadership, management and staff can all benefit by unlocking their hidden potential, enhancing critical thinking skills, and taking advantage of the seven steps to superpower success.

(Focus: Accountability, Performance, Productivity, Results)

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