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Entertaining and Award-Winning Dietitian, Food Industry Expert, Author, Media Professional and TV Show Host

As America’s Nutritionist of Choice™, Franceen uses her food industry expertise to empower busy Americans with the truth about what’s in our food, so they can make healthy, convenient choices with confidence. Forget about lecture-style presentations! As a champion of inspiration and humor, Franceen delivers the right mix of education and entertainment that resonates with men and women from all different walks of work and life. Her engaging and practical approach inspires action, and empowers the conviction that “you can achieve your health goals”.

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With unique inside knowledge of the food industry, and a practical approach to nutrition, Franceen has become a champion and leading voice on identifying the healthiest eating strategies and foods on the market that comfortably fit today’s lifestyle.

Franceen has over 30 years of extensive experience ranging from senior food management positions, to published nutrition author, expert speaker, media professional, and TV host. As the food industry’s nutrition leader, she has created healthy dining programs for consumers in over 6,000 food establishments nationwide.

Recognized for her powerful presentations and humorous quick wit, Franceen is gifted with an extraordinary ability to provide clarity into today’s confusing world of wellness. She enlightens consumer audiences on how to separate fact from fiction and how to choose wisely in today’s complex food market.

Franceen is a frequent contributor to the media and the author of three books: The Healthy Weigh (featured on “Bestsellers”), Fill Up Not Out®, (rated one of five top self-help programs by and the newly published Healthy Meals for Your Busy Life Cookbook.

Franceen's most requested program titles include:

Putting a Fork in Today's Food Hype
Fueling Performance on the Run
Navigating Today's Food Marketplace with Command and Confidence
Getting real with Diet Free Eating for Your Busy Life

A sample of Franceen's client list include:

The Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management
The National Association for Catering Executives
Meeting Planners International
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
American Dietetic Association
Health and Human Services
Guest Services
and many more.

Speech Topics

Workshop: Getting Real with Diet-Free Eating for Your Busy Life

Let Franceen show your attendees how small changes in their eating, without dieting or deprivation, can make a huge difference in how they look and feel. Perfect for busy lifestyles, this strategy incorporates favorite foods and is easily adaptable for dining out, eating in, traveling and special events.

Whether the goal is to speed up the metabolism, drop blood pressure, boost energy and concentration or lose weight! It all starts here with this enjoyable way of bringing health into any busy lifestyle.

Workshop: Navigating Today's Food Marketplace with Command and Confidence

Healthy eating is top of mind for most of us, but how do we make smart choices in today’s complex world of wellness and savvy marketing? This intensive workshop takes attendees down the virtual supermarket aisles and restaurants to learn how to make the healthiest food selections. From understanding food labels and claims, to knowing the difference between what’s written on the menu and what’s served on our plates, this workshop is a must for anyone who wants to make healthy choices with confidence.

Fueling Performance on the Run

In today’s highly competitive market, we need to be “on our game” and have the energy and stamina to optimize performance, and what we eat directly affects it. Franceen explains the impact food has on focus and productivity, and the highest energy foods we need to energize, feel great and out-perform. Foolproof for busy lifestyles, attendees will discover how get the competitive edge with Franceen’s high-octane eating plan on the run, as they learn how to blend health with convenience. For travelling, working late, or just plain busy schedules, Franceen will outline the best selections for handy snacking, quick and easy meals and dining out, from fast foods to the finest cuisine.

Putting a Fork in Today's Food Hype

This enlightening presentation reveals how the food and diet industry has responded to today’s demand for wellness, and how it continues to influence our choices. Franceen brings her enthusiasm for healthy food – and disdain for confusing, misleading, and just-plain-wrong eating advice to this dynamic session. Attendees will learn how to decipher the truth about what’s healthy and what’s hype as she frees them from the latest deception in restaurants, supermarkets and diets so they can ride the wave of wellness and make healthy choices with command and confidence.

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