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Designer; Known for TLC's "Trading Spaces"

Frank Bielec is a designer best known for appearing in the TLC show Trading Spaces. He appeared in every season of the show until its end in 2008. He also appears in the rebooted version of the show that was started in 2018.

Trading Spaces’ “king of country” Frank Bielec is a big man with a big heart, big ideas and wild style. Combining his background as an exhibited artist with a flair for crafting one-of-a-kind pieces, he is known for creating comfortable rooms with equal parts coziness and cool. Frank, along with designer Laurie Smith and carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor, appeared on the very first episode of Trading Spaces in September of 2000.

Originally an elementary school teacher, designer Frank Bielec holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education. Frank also taught courses on art and social studies for secondary school students and earned a master of Fine Arts degree. Frustrated by an educational system more focused on test preparation than experiential learning, Frank left teaching after eight years and discovered a “second career” as a florist. Designing elaborate arrangements for a varied clientele, he remained in the profession for 20 years. Through it all, however, Frank created and sold his art, and had his work exhibited in numerous galleries. It was in 1989 that he finally combined his arts and crafts talents with his business acumen and co-founded the business “Mosey ‘n Me” with wife Judy, specializing in designing cross-stitch patterns.

Born and raised in Wallis, Texas, Frank currently lives in Katy, Texas with his wife Judy. An animal lover, Frank plays father to 12 rescued sugar gliders and any wildlife that wanders onto the property. An accomplished artist, Frank’s nice-guy demeanor often belies his edge – he never hesitates to share his strong opinions on world affairs and social issues.

Frank’s design style includes eclectic country, a fusion of Frank’s grand artistic vision with practical design solutions.

Known for incorporating surprising artistic elements into his rooms, Frank always challenges his homeowners with arts-and-crafts projects that test their creativity (and their endurance). From stenciling to painting, drawing and cross-stitching, homeowners can always count on keeping busy and learning something new when working with Frank.


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