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Workplace Culture Developer

Frank Keck is a workplace culture developer and found and CEO of CoreBuild, a leadership development and training company.

Keck has worked in corporate training, management and organizational development for over 17 years. He believes that workplace culture is important because it helps each individual in an organization become the best version of themselves, helping them and their organization thrive, improve bottom-line results and improve their customers’ experiences. His three core values are love, curiosity and courage.

Keck is the author of Embrace Your Freakness: Creating the Life for Which You Were Designed. Keck received Certified Speaking Professional designation in 2006 from the National Speakers Association.

Speech Topics

The Now: Awareness of the “As Is”

You may need help determining your current position if . . .

  • Your people seem busy but are not hitting the goals.

  • You need morale boosting sessions – hourly.

  • You wonder, “Why did they do that?”

  • You think you need a teambuilding class.

  • You wonder, “Why doesn’t more get done around here?”

The Future: Clarity of the “Should Be”

You may need help with Vision, Mission, and creating a culture of people awareness if . . .

  • You have to make things “mandatory” in order for people to attend/participate.

  • Your team thinks your company vision is “to make money.”

  • People do not share your enthusiasm for the organization.

  • Your leadership team does not seem to be innovative or creative.

  • Your turnover seems a bit – shall we say – high?

Let Us Help You Clarify the Future and the Now

We’re all looking through different lenses. Each situation is unique, with its own root cause. Our approach is not ‘one size fits all.’ It involves both the left-brain lens, assessments and linear process, and the right-brain lens, emotions and relational process.

Using a series of proven methods, we’ll help you discover new insights about your organization in four key areas: People, Processes, Targets, and Communication. We’ll act as an extra set of eyes and ears targeted toward uncovering barriers keeping you from reaching your potential.

What sets us apart is our ability to discover the root cause of your barriers in a people-focused way.

Organizational Discovery

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