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Gabriella Poczo      

Founder of GRP Enterprises & Author of the Handbook "Framework to go Faster"

Gabriella Poczo is an accomplished technology executive renowned for her visionary leadership in consumer mobile and fintech. With a track record as a trusted 'fixer' and advocate for efficiency, she excels in translating business strategies into technical innovations.

At American Express, Poczo held the position of Unit CIO, spearheading high-impact digital transformations. She successfully boosted commercial products and services revenue wand fostered a culture of accountability and autonomy.

Poczo's career spans key roles at WorldRemit, Skype, T-Mobile, and Sun Microsystems, where she drove innovation and operational excellence. As a board advisor she champions women's participation in technology, while also advising founders and investors in the tech industry including StarNews. Poczo's dynamic leadership fuels industry paradigm innovation, transformation has led her to develop her "Framework to go Faster" a handbook for Good CTOs to become GREAT CTOs.

Speech Topics

Post Pandemic Work Place Culture: Building High Performing Teams that Operate in difficult and challenging conditions!

Building a high performing culture has officially transcended the pure technical aspects of being a CTO and it’s about time. After all, it’s about the people coming together to form high performing teams operating in difficult and challenging conditions that enable startups and large companies to scale to their potential by transform companies to move faster.

This session will introduce the 'Framework to Go Faster' - as an exploration of how technology executives can build and manage high performing teams in today's ever changing world of technology.

Attendee Results:

  • High-Performance Culture: Learn to cultivate a high-performance culture that thrives in challenging conditions, driving better results.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: Develop team resilience and adaptability to navigate unpredictable circumstances effectively.
  • Accelerated Innovation: Expedite innovation by streamlining processes and reducing cycle times, optimizing resource management.
  • Cultural Transformation: Create a culture of responsibility, accountability, autonomy, and continuous improvement for increased success.

Innovation in Times of Crisis and Change: Lessons from a 'Fixer'

Gabriella's track record as a trusted 'fixer' who excels in navigating challenging situations presents a valuable opportunity to discuss how organizations can drive innovation and transformation during times of crisis. She can share practical insights on problem-solving, resource optimization, and achieving competitive advantage in difficult conditions.

Attendee results :

  • Practical Innovation: Acquire actionable strategies for fostering innovation during crises, optimizing resources, and gaining a competitive edge.
  • Resource Optimization: Discover techniques to maximize resources for competitive advantage.
  • Real-World Insights: Gain actionable lessons from Gabriella's experience to apply to your own crisis management and innovation efforts.

Leading in a Remote World: Nurturing High-Performance Teams Across Borders

As a remote leader before it was a thing, Gabriella will delve into creating a culture of accountability, fostering innovation, and achieving high performance in geographically dispersed teams.

Attendee Outcomes:

  • Global High-Performance Culture: Learn how to cultivate a culture of accountability, innovation, and high performance in remote and geographically dispersed teams.
  • Effective Leadership Strategies: Discover proven leadership strategies for fostering collaboration, motivation, and productivity in international and remote work environments.
  • Cross-Border Team Success: Gain insights into achieving successful outcomes across borders, harnessing diverse talent, and driving team excellence in today's remote work landscape.

Building a Resilient Tech Workforce: Cultivating Diversity and Inclusivity

Gabriella's has a career long commitment to diversity and inclusion, in this session she will address the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive tech workforce. She can discuss the benefits of diversity of thought, strategies for creating an inclusive workplace, and how diversity can drive sustainable progress and innovation in technology organizations.

Attendee outcomes :

  • Diverse Perspectives for Innovation: Understand the critical role of diversity in fostering innovative solutions, and learn how diversity of thought can drive creativity and problem-solving within tech organizations.
  • Inclusive Workplace Strategies: Gain practical strategies for creating an inclusive workplace where all voices are valued, contributing to a more collaborative and productive tech workforce.
  • Sustainable Progress and Innovation: Discover how diversity and inclusivity can lead to sustainable progress and innovation, helping tech organizations thrive in a rapidly changing landscape while promoting social responsibility and growth.

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