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Interior Designed, Founder & Ceo of Galey Alix Design; Host of "Home in a Heartbeat"; Mental Health Advocate

Home renovation expert, 10-year Goldman Sachs Executive, and viral content creator Galey Alix has curated a unique approach to reinvention that is winning over audiences. After a tough life experience, Alix decided to take a hiatus from social media and prioritize her mental health and wellness. When she logged back on several months later, she discovered her home makeover videos had gone viral, and seized the opportunity to found Galey Alix Design. As the CEO of her own company, Alix surprises deserving families with weekend home renovations – which has earned her 4.7M followers online. She is the Host of MAX's Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix. Alix is in-demand for her insights about finding your purpose, balancing professional opportunities with personal goals, and building a values-based business.

Alix and her work have been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, on The Today Show, Rachael Ray Show, Tamron Hall Show, the BEHIND THE BOSS Podcast, and more, and she has been ranked the 4th most influential designer in the world by Vogue. Beyond her wildly popular projects reinventing spaces, Alix is also an advocate for mental health and resilience, sharing her journey of overcoming an eating disorder and how she handles the cyberbullying she has faced as a viral content creator online. In powerful keynote speeches and conversations, Alix shares her message of the power of asking for help and the importance of prioritizing kindness no matter the obstacles you’re facing.

Speech Topics

Finding Your Purpose and Persevering

Home renovation expert and viral content creator Galey Alix has no formal background in design, but when videos of her home makeover went viral, she seized the opportunity to embrace her passion and became the Founder and CEO of Galey Alix Designs. While balancing her weekday job as 10-year Goldman Sachs Executive Galey has built an empire of her own – she shares her insights about persevering through obstacles to live a purpose-driven life.

All Things Financial Freedom

Home renovation expert and 10-year Goldman Sachs finance executive Galey Alix has been sharing her financial expertise with audiences for over a decade. As a financial expert and entrepreneur with her own business, Galey Alix Design, Galey offers a unique perspective on how audiences at any point in life can build up their credit, focus on investments, and gain financial freedom.

Entrepreneurship: Building a Business from Scratch

Interior designer Galey Alix surprises deserving families with weekend home renovations – which has earned her 4.7M followers online. Balancing her day job as a finance executive at Goldman Sachs while growing design business on the side, Galey is proof that side hustles can be successful. Today, as founder & CEO of Galey Alix Design, Galey has also recently hosted MAX’s Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix. In this insightful talk, Galey shares how she overcame challenges to build her business from scratch, shared her creativity and expertise on social media, and became one of the most successful home influencers in the world.

Mental Health Resilience: Keep Asking for Help

Home renovation expert and 10-year Goldman Sachs Executive Galey Alix is also a vocal advocate for mental health. While experiencing hardship, she found she needed to be courageous and ask for help until she received the support she needed to prioritize her mental wellness. Galey shares her journey of overcoming an eating disorder and facing cyberbullying, and how she learned to decrease her stress, develop resilience, and focus on kindness when dealing with others.

Women’s Empowerment: Glowing Up with Galey Alix

Interior designer, viral content creator, and founder & CEO Galey Alix shares her authentic journey in this empowering talk. From facing a deadly eating disorder and being left at the altar by her fiancé, to starting a business from scratch that ended up landing Galey her own TV series, Galey shares how she prioritized her mental health and built her life back, piece by piece. Her inspiring strength and empowering lessons will resonate with audiences of all kinds.

Interior Design: Creating a Space You Love

Founder and CEO Galey Alix has made waves across social media and now hosts MAX's Home in a Heartbeat. Her unique and wildly successful interior design business, Galey Alix Design, earned her fans and solidified her status as a beloved expert. In this engaging talk, Galey shares how she taps into her creativity, the importance of cultivating a space that supports you, and how she built her business from the ground up.

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