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Internationally Renowned Expert on Business Strategy, Professor at London Business School & Author

Gary Hamel was named the world's most influential business thinker by The Wall Street Journal. Fortune magazine has called him "the world's leading expert on business strategy."

Hamel has worked with leading companies across the globe and is a dynamic and sought-after management speaker. Hamel has been on the faculty of the London Business School for more than 30 years and is the director of the Management Innovation eXchange.

Hamel's landmark business books, which have been translated into more than 25 languages, include "Leading the Revolution," "Competing for the Future," and "The Future of Management," the last of which was selected by as the best business book of the year. Hamel has authored numerous articles for the Harvard Business Review and is the most reprinted author in the Review’s history.

As a consultant and management educator, Hamel has worked for companies as diverse as General Electric, Time Warner, Nestle, Shell, Best Buy, Procter & Gamble, 3M, IBM, and Microsoft. His pioneering concepts such as “strategic intent,” “core competence,” “industry revolution” and “management innovation” have changed the practice of management in companies around the world.

Hamel speaks frequently at the world’s most prestigious management conferences and is a regular contributor to CNBC, CNN, and other major media outlets. He has also advised government leaders on matters of innovation policy, entrepreneurship, and industrial competitiveness.

Currently, Hamel is leading a pioneering effort to reinvent management by harnessing the power of open innovation. The Management Innovation Exchange (MIX) is an online community where the world’s most progressive business leaders share their ideas on how to build organizations that are fit for the future and fit for human beings. The MIX is supported by a network of strategic partners, which includes McKinsey & Company, the Harvard Business Review, and others.

Speech Topics

The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Over the past 100 years, the most profound and enduring shifts in competitive position have come from management innovationdramatic breakthroughs in how companies are managed, led and structured. Based on his most recent research, Hamel has developed a methodology that can help your company build the ultimate competitive advantagean ability to proactively reinvent its management DNA. Specifically, Hamel can show your company how to:

o Anticipate the over-the-horizon management challenges that will determine success in the years ahead

o Successfully challenge the outmoded management orthodoxies that limit success,

o Uncover the new management principles that will determine industry leadership in the future,

o Build a capability for ongoing management innovation across your company.

In short, Hamel can show your organization how to build tomorrows best practices today.

A Company that Is as Nimble as Change Itself

As the pace of change accelerates, so must the pace of strategic renewal in every organization. All too often deep change is crisis-driven and episodic; too seldom is it opportunity-driven and continuous. Drawing on his pioneering work on strategic resilience, Hamels can help your company to:

o Recognize the warning signs of strategy decay,

o Overcome the arrogance and denial that so often frustrates strategic renewal,

o Build a future-oriented vision that is powerful enough to overcome the gravitational pull of the past,

o Accelerate the shift of resources from legacy programs to future-oriented initiatives, and

o Weave the principles of resilience into every management process and practice.

If the goal is a company that can change as fast as change itself, these are essential insights.

Innovation from Everyone, Every Day

In a world filled with new, ultra-low cost competitors, ever more powerful customers and hyper-competitive markets, innovation is the only way to out-perform the industry average. Based on twenty years of ground-breaking research, and a score of high-profile assignments in some of the worlds most respected companies, Hamel can show you and your colleagues how to:

o Unlock the innovation potential of every employee,

o Build a portfolio of high-impact, game-changing strategies,

o Dramatically multiply the returns on innovation investment,

o Build management systems that keep everyone focused on innovation, and

o Manage the day-to-day tension between innovation and operational efficiency.

This critical knowledge can help your organization unleash its full innovation potential.

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